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Danny! Charm 1911 Music/Badenov • 2006

'Third time's a charm so I gotta make it happen', 22-year old MC/producer Danny Swain from South Carolina is back with his third solo album. Yes, 22-years old and already three albums on his sleeve, Danny! is a name that might sound far from famliar, but if we may believe the artist he's the most prolific hip-hop artist to come out of South-Carolina. North-Carolina has 9th Wonder, now let's meet he who's holdin it down for the South...

In 2002, Danny finished his 'first' self-titled effort that unfortunately never saw the light of day, while a year later he was kicked out of college, inspiring him to to make 'The College Kicked-Out', which eventually became his official debut album. Comparisons with Kanye West became evident, which led to proudness but also annoyness 'Y'all sayin I'm soundin like Kanye', Danny! raps a bit bothered in 'Give Me A Chance', the anthem of a young artist on the come-up who’s claiming recognition. 'My mind spinnin like the wheels on a Rolls Royce, now I'm feelin like Rose Royce, I'm wishing on a star', his finesse with language and the music knowledge are no mystery for the attentive listener. Surely influenced by Kanye, but also by Jay Dee, A Tribe Called Quest ('I combine Beats with Rhymes and bring them to Life') and Talib Kweli, he mingles the sound of the ones mentioned into his own personal cocktail.

The title track surely has a big Kanye brandmark to it; the way the beat is conveyed, with the sped-up sample, the strings and the thrifty, up-tempo drums, but also the way he raps; with the lush, sloppy flow and a dialect tongue 'Radio kiss my ay-nus'. Plus there’s his habit of sampling with a feeling for soul, symphony and arrangement, using string- and/or flute-loaded loops ànd even flippin pop songs into a hip-hop beat. 'Where Were You' for instance, a nice interpretation of a French pop hit. Also does he dare to take a famous sample (on the R&B-ish 'Strange Fruit' and 'Fly') and flips it in his own manner. More personal favourites are 'Can’t Wait', 'Temptation', 'The Last Laugh', 'Move Something' and 'Lip Flappin'.

With 21 tracks deep, this album is surprisingly entertaining and except for a few songs, the music is constantly on-point, holdin your breath, catchin your attention or just puttin you in a relaxation. Due to the alternation of up-tempo and lowdown songs and Danny’s humour and inventiveness, the album takes you on a mellow but exciting trip through the free and creative mind of a young artist! Although lookin (or is it actin?) nerdly and carrying a young age, Danny Swain shows experience, talent and...charm.

POSTED ON 07|03|2006 by cpf

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