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Celph Titled & Buckwild Nineteen Ninety Now No Sleep Recordings • 2010

Celph Titled loves the nineties. 'In my opinion the greatest era in hip-hop’, the land mine lieutenant confesses. Oh no, another rapper with acute nostalgia? Yes, this is dedicated to the nineties. No, this is not a recycled nineties production, nor does it advocate MC Hammer or MC Young. Celph actually hooked up with a nineties heavyweight producer, someone who painted a big deal of the nineties underground sound canvas himself, DITC's own Buckwild, who threw in vintage beats from his vaults.

With his trademark hilarious one-liners, the usual Kanye bashing and lyrics sprayed with love for guns and ammo, the Rubix Cuban rhymes through boombap funk 'with slay bells' and a few hardcore crackers. If your neck didn’t snap on the melodic claps, it will on the rough tracks, such as 'Mad Ammo' with an incredible RA The rugged Man (does he ever breathe throughout these bars?) or 'Out To Lunch'. At the same time Celph Titled surprisingly gets deep, mesmerizing on tracks like 'I Could Write A Rhyme', where he openly relates on his career travelings or 'Time Travels On', where he timetravels or 'Miss Those Days', where the nostalgia does kick in hard.

More than a dedication to the nineties music, this is a dedication to Celph Titled’s career and friends, after all this is his actual debut full length. Besides bringing out midschool luminaries such as DITC notables, Dres, Treach, Sadat X, Grand Puba, and DJ Sinista on the cuts, he invited along crew mates from Equilibrium, AOTP and the Demigodz, as well as friends like Ryu from Styles Of Beyond and Chino XL.

Vintage nineties beats and contemporary lyrics. Truth be told, we wouldn’t expect it to sound as consistent as on 'Nineteen Ninety Now'! God knows how Celph Titled tricked Buckwild into this, or where Buckwild still found these unused, topnotch beats, but this sounds real cohesive, fresh and accurate, really putting the ‘nineteen ninety’ in 'the now'!

Boy, do these punchlines sound crisp and crunchy throughout the album!

Here’s a laundry list:

- 'I know you ain't Diddy, but I can make you see through puffy eyes'
- 'I put a bullet in ya bird if ya pigeonholed'
- 'Turn you into a ghost producer like a Dr Dre employee'
- 'Crash you through your wall like the Kool Aid man'
- 'You love sausage so much when you talk you spit sauerkraut, you spit sauerkraut out ya f-ckin mouth’
- 'Crippin you with a permanent T-Pain vocal effect’
- 'My gun flip more shells than a Ninja Turtle show’
- 'I'm the fresh prince of hell's liar'
- 'I taped it, then it's going straight to DVD like a new Steven Seagal flick'
- 'Shit was good when Billy Clinton was gettin Lewinsky pussy'
- 'It's not your fault that you can't rap it's my fault that I didn't make this song sooner'
- 'Sick of simplifying for you simple minded simple Simons'
- 'Approach your A&R with an AR'

Got more?

Send [get@platform8470.com] over your favourite Celph titled punchlines and maybe you'll get to win this record!

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Album drops October 26

POSTED ON 10|23|2010 by cpf

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