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Mr. Brady Because I Felt Like It Brady • 2011

Because he felt like it. Not because Mr Brady needed to. Not because some record company urged him. Just because the San Diego producer/MC wanted to himself. Just like that, at his own pace, at his own wishes. Aaah…independent artistry! Although an extremely gifted producer himself, the Deep Rooted front man surrounded himself with five different producers to handle each track, and took a hold of the mic. A&R's go eat a short, aspiring rappers take note: this is independency in five lessons

Whateva (prod. Elaquent)
1. To start off the album on the right foot, introduce yourself with a little gag. 'Most people call me Big Bird', Brady admits. The beat is warm and soulful and the embodiment of a weed cloud.

Suga (prod. Tranzformer)
2. Every good independent artist needs a girl right down their side! Brady and Deep Rooted colleague Sha Dula chant the merits of love over the kick-snare-clap.

Space Boogie (prod. Kas One)
3. Think out of the box! Independent musicians have an ear for diversity and dare to cross boundaries. This is the coldest, most progressive (and shortest) beat on the record, a nice example of Brady’s flexible rappin skills.

Road Trippin (prod. Dibiase)
4. Making independent music means touring. ‘City after city’, the whole thing is a blur.’ While listening to this track, we felt like being in a Hunter S Thompson novel. The beat is traditionally built, but still mind-blowing. Faut le faire!

Pure Raw (prod. Moka Only)
5. In the end, independent hip-hop music is rawness! Moka Only is often known for his colourful, dreamery soundscape, but keeps it gritty with this track. A dirty synth loop is the protagonist, LMNO is the guest. 'It’s a two part question ‘How’s the music business?’, the Visionair asks himself...

If you ask us independent rap is doing just fine!

Just a tidbit EP, but worth more than a fiver...

POSTED ON 02|03|2011 by cpf

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