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Dannu Virgo Summer Soulspazm • 2011

Shall we compare it to a summer's day? Dannu's brand new debut on Soulspazm Records is a dedication to good times, love and music. It's a collection of summer stories that'll crave your hunger for a trip to the Californian sun. Although not diverting too far from the sound path of his crew Visionaries, Dannu could find himself in the slipstream of the solo success of obstinate team mates 2Mex and LMNO.

The San Diego resident raps about early-morning fishing, having a barbeque ('there's nothing like the smell of the grill') and enjoying the rain in Hawaï. His freedom-winged lyrics are sketched on a canvass of sun-baked beats that range from uptempo funk and down-tempo soul to a twist of reggae. Or what else did you expect with Exile, Diverse and Mr Brady lined up in the production booth?

Combine that with some sweet vocal contributions by Brea and Noelle Scaggs, and you'll be hooked in no time. Looking for some good vibes? Then this might be the album for you. Summertime now where you at? This party's goin down like a West Coast sunset!

POSTED ON 02|18|2011 by cpf

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