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Chief Drone Beats & Electric Waves Feelin Music • 2011

You know the feeling right? Coming home all winded up after a day of stress at the office, not able to utter a decent sentence or cook a respectable meal? Wanting to stretch out on the coach and stare at the tellie with a laptop on your belly? (We have a day job is it obvious?)

Anyway we have found the perfect album to relax and chill with. Chief has cooked up some soulful, jazz-infested instrumentals that soothe the mind with loops hypnotizing your hippocampus, snares massaging your senses and basslines bringing you back in balance.

A nice beat therapy, with the voices of Common -'like a Chief up in this demonstration'- of course Jay Dee, and Talib Kweli, a.o. lingering in the background. Forget yoga, try drone beats.

POSTED ON 03|10|2011 by cpf

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