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Sunspot Jonz Galaxy of Dreams Outhouse • 2011

Revolutionary escapist and co-founder of The Living Legends crew, Sunspot Jonz takes us through a galactic journey of dreams and tribulations. A trip through the steady mindset of someone who raps bluntly ('rollin up the blunt, looks like a f-ckin Zeppelin') about life, love and lust with a West Coast flair and swagger.

The entertaining pace of the album is due to a variety of productions. The joyous tease tracks such as 'Frogdance' ('dance to the rhythm, the rhythm, the dope beat') and 'Equinox' ('bullshittin hoping that the day go slow'), with the partner-in-partying Pigeon John ('flyer than Peter Pan'), intertwine easily with ingenious rap ballads such as 'Suspended Animation' and 'I Am The Revolution' ('livin like livestock, dreaming of Woodstock') and the moody synth vibes of 'Lightyearz In A Jar' -great title- ('listen to Big Boy's Phone Tap, just smile') where Jean-Michel Jarre and Jan Hammer come looking around the corner.

Living on a dream and it just don't stop...Sunspot Jonz's creativity seems endless as he explores all kinds of musical milky ways. After releasing dozens of solo albums and guest featuring on an abundance of songs, we can call the level that he's still reaching unearhty. And it just don't stop.

POSTED ON 07|16|2011 by Cpf

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