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Mr Brady & Sha Dula Lava Lamp EP N/A • 2011

Tired of the bad weather these last few days? Get back inside, make yourselves comfortable and turn on the Lava Lamp. San Diego's Mr Brady and his Deep Rooted partner Sha Dula team up with French producer Terem to release an EP that continues on the lush, hypnotical vibe that we're used to from a record with a Deep Rooted mark.

All production is done by the Frenchman, but Brady can't help it: 'I'm locked in the lab with the music soundin lovely, feelin so high like it's nothing else above me', as he confesses in 'The Struggle'. The track, featuring LMNO, proves that these musicians eat and breathe hip-hop. Terem's production sounds passionate, made with a genuine love for their craft, with melodic samples, solid snares, and bugged-out synth lines.

If Internet didn't exist these like-minded artists probably wouldn't have found each other, so thank God for the Internet, because it really does good things for our music. This EP for instance. Summer tip!

POSTED ON 07|17|2011 by cpf

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