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Apathy Honkey Kong Dirty Version Records • 2011

The gorilla theme, the broke anthems (‘I radiate being broke, you almost see me glow’), namedropping Kimbo Price and Hex Murda. It could’ve been a Sean Price album. But after only a few minutes of spit-fire lyrics over a raunchy Vanderslice beat, it dawned on us that Apathy, a beast on the mic, once again issued a great album. A trademark Apathy album, but why change a winning recipe?

Like on previous albums, Apathy deals with music and money issues in a raw, straight-forward manner. 'Earnin money of rap now is tougher than leather', Ap raps on the excellent Evidence-produced first single 'Check to Check'. Ap loves rap, he stayed loyal to its purity (‘I never made it, cause I never tried to make you dance’) but it’s revealing to hear that, unlike many other artists, he doesn’t pretend to be the navel of the world. Nor does he incite his fans to put him on a pedestal. After all, it’s only rap, as he states in the Statik Selektah-produced ‘It’s Only Hip Hop’; ‘Frustrated because I didn’t respond to you on Twitter, maybe I just didn’t see it, don’t be gettin all bitter’.

On the same track, the Notorious B.I.G. sample ‘Now I’m in the limelight, cause I rhyme tight’ still echoes long after the song has faded out. Another trademark issue on Apathy albums. The exquisite sampling easily ties a knot with hip-hop history. On one of the two Connecticut dedications -another tradition- ‘All I Think About’, Biz Markie’s ‘Catchin wreck on the M.I.C.’-sample is nicely recorded over the soulful Beatminerz production.

A certainty on any Apathy album are the excellent guest features, whether emcees or producers. With a versatile mix of beats, the Demigod manages to create a consistent record of straight-up old school (DJ Premier goes old school on ‘Stop What Ya Doin’) and soulful (‘I Dedicate This To You’) boombap. ‘Honkey Kong’ also holds a few futuristic cuts such as ‘Sci-fi Tunes' (featuring Xzibit!) and the mind-bugging ‘Gorilla Albinos’, featuring Esoteric who reminds us of the record’s theme again 'you in the building, I'm ON the building'. Funny. Just like Vinnie Paz’ habitual Kanye bashing: ‘You're like Kanye, sweeter than a can of Fanta’.

Apathy’s third solo album makes us go knuckle-walking instantly, because the quality rate of this album rises higher than the Empire State building. Rrrrroaaaarrrr.

POSTED ON 09|10|2011 by cpf

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