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Maylay Sparks Truckdriver Fortuneteller EP Felix Records/Soulspazm Digital • 2011

Maylay Sparks, originally from Philly, is a passionated wanderluster. The globetrotter, who partly lives in Scandinavia and collaborated with a slew of European producers in the past (The White Shadow Of Norway, DJ Devastate and Hands Solo to name a few), now teams up with Urban Click, a production squad from Slovenia.

On this journey, Maylay brings along a truck full of sparkling swagger spits. While driving through Europe he picked up some hitchhikers from Slovenia (Urban Click, Decko), Sweden (DJ Devastate, DJ Connect, K Sluggah) and Germany (Gero, Frust). Road dogs, who are ‘tearing up ya local pub when we’re touring’.

Maylay Sparks, with his typical rigid, hungry flow and raw delivery, refers to his multiple travels, his fiend for alcoholic beverages, independent chicks and explains the rap mission he’s on. ‘Banging like the palms over Hanoi’, he raps in ‘What I'm Gonna Do’. Predicting the Word of Rap, like the fate of the game is on his shoulders.

Supported by hard-hitting boombap beats, Maylay to a mic is like a match to a lucifer box, sparking fire when it detonates. Maylay rhymes like its mayday, whether he's performing on a Bierfest in Germany, a pub in Ireland or a steak house in Philly.

POSTED ON 09|23|2011 by cpf

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