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Qwazaar & Batsauce Bat Meets Blaine Galapagos4 • 2011

Qwazaar, from the sourly South of Chicago and MC of Typical Cats, and Batsauce, from Berlin and one part of The Smile Rays with Lady Daisy and Paten Locke, are hooking up together for the second time after ‘Style Be The King’ EP for this soulfunk sensation.

Batsauce, who worked with George Clinton for a Smile Rays track, still pledges allegiance to his multi-layered beat formula of jazzy samples, eerie back vocals and pitched-up drums. Qwazaar easily takes advantage of this fertile soil to lay down some imagery-driven vocabulary sprints full of escapism, us-vs-them’s, and catchy choruses.

Instant highlights such as ‘I Know’ (‘they know we tore this sucker up, but they just don't give a fuck’), Eye To The Sky (‘So many feathers in heaven, I might just fly away), the old schoolish posse cut ‘Never Weaker’ (with Onry Ozzborn, DJ Bizkid and Offwhyte- and the sexy ‘Surrealism') go hand in hand with tracks that might be no everlasters but take this record to an everlasting level as a whole.

POSTED ON 09|24|2011 by cpf

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