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Murs Love & Rockets vol. 1: The Transformation Bluroc/DD172 • 2011

Hip-hop love, West Coast dedications, heartbreak anthems and an impressive rap song against the stigmatization of homosexuals by society, government and church. Murs cut his dreads, hooked up with a new producer (Ski Beatz) got a new Maecenas (Dame Dash), and rocketeers his tenth solo album to unseen heights.

For a while the Eazy-E fan seemed not knowing which way to go. Label issues, a not very convincing major imprint release -more due to the label than to the artist- and a below-the-radar project with Terrace Martin. But the bad man is back. Backed by the multilayered, drumfillered snare-kick baps by Damon Dash's long-time partner Ski Beatz (remember their first group Original Flavor), Murs spits heartfelt stories filled with hardcore feelings, sheer funmaking and a bit of the ol swag, from a simple yet strikingly realistic point-of-view over multiple subjects.

In between attending festivals and organizing them, touring the world, and enjoying married life, Murs managed to underline his long-time reputation as a storytelling genius, a hip-hop addict and L.A. promotor. 'Post g-funk era and I'm trying to do good'. Class!

POSTED ON 10|25|2011 by cpf

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