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Strange Fruit Project A Dreamer's Journey SR • 2011

In between working with Kanye West and Beyonce, producer S1 returns with soul mates Myone and Myth to release the third Strange Fruit Project record. A look at the titles of the Texas trio’s albums don’t leave too much up for your imagination. ‘From Divine’, ‘The Healing’ and now ‘A Dreamer’s Journey’ perfectly describe their almost spiritual music.

S1, Myth and Myone have a patent on soulful, dreamery tracks. Slowly but effictively, their songs meander through a soundscape of buttersweet melodies and soothing soul voices, and nestle themselves in your Eustachius. And then you're hooked.

With their latest record, they pull the same tour de force again. This record won’t hit you in the face at once, but creeps under your skin with every soul chorus, guitar loop, piano stab or lush but firm rap. Strange Fruit Project once again tastes sweet, don’t take just one bite, but slowly savour it and you’ll be addicted.

POSTED ON 11|05|2011 by cpf

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