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K-Dee Ass, Cash Or Gas Lench Mob • 1994

Who’s the biggest pimp of them all? K-Dee babyyyyy! No doubt, this is one of the smoothest pimp albums ever created. 'It don’t stop, till the panty’s drop!'.

K-Dee first appeared on Ice Cube’s 'Lethal Injection' LP in 1993 and one year after this release, he could be seen in the movie 'Friday', Craig aka Ice Cube watched K-Dee’s clip on TV while chillin on the couch. Also he guest starred on Mack 10’s debut album, bringing you the smoothest, most playerish verses that came from the West. Check out 'Make the Music (With Ya Mouth, B**ch)', a manual for givin head, and you’ll know the time: 'blow my trumpet as I dump it in ya mouth'. Other highlights are 'The Best Thing Going', 'The Freshest MC in the World', the first single of the album with a terrific sunshine beat, 'Thought I Saw a Pussycat', with the legendary funk artist Bootsy Collins and the groovy up-tempo 'Neva was a Baller'. Bootsy returns on the real smooth title track, that also closes this supa g-funk album ('I’m down with Bootzilla I thought you know this').

Although an affiliate of Da Lench Mob, Ice Cube didn’t do nothing on this album, except for shouting in the background and doin the intro of the hilarious 'Pimpin and Pandering' skits. But fear not, the album’s production is so solid you can’t back down! West Coast classic! The LP is a white cover with vinyl pressed in green and yellow colour, expect to pay not less than 50 dollars for it! Same goes for the CD.

POSTED ON 03|05|2005 by cpf

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