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Luv NY Luv NY Ascetic Music / Red Apples 45 • 2012

Artists: the best of the best. Combined together they have more than a hundred years of rap experience.
The album: 14 tracks, 34 minutes, 11 seconds.
Our opinion: AG is a giant among NY giants in this home match, hosted by his business partner and friend Ray West.

Having AG, Roc Marciano, Kool Keith, Kurious, ànd OC forming a group sounds like a dream to any hip-hop devotee. Unreal, unbelievable. Or tricky? How would these lyrical giants fit together on a sonic canvass that’s not even 35 minutes long? How many syllables would each rapper deliver? Honestly, we were cautious at first. But ‘Luv NY’ turned out an interesting, entertaining exercise in lyrical mastery over a jazzy, visual soundtrack to N.Y. city life.

Unfortunately some rappers are underrepresented – fans of O.C. and Kool Keith will be disappointed- but it means the super combo’s split up their verses well, and didn’t make the songs sounding overcrowded thus a balanced project, perfectly representing each borough of the Big Apple. It also means more verses for the star of the show, AG, who’s in blood shape. 'I aint the sickest with the sales, my intuition is rebel'. No wonder: Ray West, producer of the album, recently worked intensively with AG -the latter's solo ‘Everything’s Berri’- and they both have started a business venture with the record label that distributed this album, Red Apples 45.

Interesting is Ray West’s collection of sound sketches. An intimate –play it through ya headphones – beat scenery that’s a few N.Y. minutes away from a raw and rugged DITC production or a spacey Kool Keith soundscape. If ‘Taxi Driver’ had a hip-hop soundtrack, it’d be this Ray West collage, built around violin loops and piano licks. It even inspired AG to drop the line 'My life s a movie, I'm like quick can't you tell?'.

POSTED ON 11|06|2012 by cpf

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