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Substance Abuse Background Music Feed The Peeps • 2012

Who? Subz and Eso Tre from L.A., hip-hop musicians, fans and critics.
What? An opinionated, critical time document about their beloved music and a catch-up on today's society.
Our opinion: Why do you think guests like KRS-One, Tash, Percee P, Sadat X and MC Eiht, wanted to collaborate on this album?

With 'Background Music' Subz and Eso Tre commemorate 'hip-hop with a feeling'. When we sat down with them, they rightfully analyzed the flaws of today's abundant 'rap' scene and its majority of mediocrity. 'The music stopped having any kind of feeling, much like the music you hear when you're getting your teeth drilled. It's just there.' Thus the cynical title 'Background Music'. While our mailbox is almost exploding with a pile of so-so rap songs, we can perfectly understand the sense of 'fatigue'.

In the flood of music, it has become hard for the fans to filter the good stuff. Take Substance Abuse's debut 'Overproof' for instance. Although it featured -besides quality tracks- household names such as MF Doom, Saafir and Kool Keith, the record was still heralded too lightly. Therefore the follow-up 'Background Music' deserves your attention.

The music is very versatile, with echoes from legendary West Coast acts such as Low Profile -old schoolisch, steady rappin and thorough storytelling-, Alkaholiks -the swinging single 'Don't Get Us Wrong' with Tash-, Saafir -the hypnotic productions- and -he made a mixtape out of the album- Kutmasta Kurt. Being such hip-hop fans, deeply cared with its evolution, Eso and Tre are opinionated and analyze both the music ('Rear View' featuring KRS-One) and their surroundings ('West Los').

'Once there was always something to get excited about, now it's like ‘look, there's another hip-hop album out. Woopty doo’, Eso Tre said about today's mindset. After hearing this album, you'll be more excited than 'Woopty doo' though.

POSTED ON 01|23|2013 by cpf

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