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Supastition The Blackboard EP - • 2013

Dear Supastition,

welcome back.

Three years ago you left us dazzled, in despair, and doubtful. How could one of the most stubborn, persuasive and hungriest emcees step away from the game? There are plenty of other rappers who couldn't bare the stresses of the rat race that rap has become, who got fed up or found priorities and goals elsewhere. But you? After dealing with seven years of bad luck, reaching deadline after deadline, and having vented frustrations on 'Chain Letters' album, who would've figured?

Three years later, you answer most of our questions with 'The Blackboard' EP. Fortunately the music business wasn't the main reason, but the (family) man in you took his responsibility. Respect. With the EP, you wanted to give back something to the fans. Salute. That too defines you. Gracious and respectful towards listeners. You wrote them a letter when you left, you serve them a great EP now you're back. The hunger for rap never ceases, right? We bet you tried to shake it off with the soulful sounds of Jackie Mittoo, Nina Simone, and Donny Hathaway. But instead of mellowing down they triggered you, pushed you back to the game.

That hunger is heard in every inch of your bars, the lyrical strength, wordplay and creativity -the concept of 'Best Worst Day' is a good example- are great. You still master the art of storytelling well, like Slick Rick The Ruler did. You still brag like the best ('Indestructable'). But you remain realistic ('Daydream' and 'A Perfect World') and still deal with frustrations ('Yada Dada') in an upright, honoust manner that is rare for a rapper. Of course, not without being backed up by long-time producers and friends M-Phazes and Marco Polo, not without loosing eye for upcoming talent or European artists; Rik Marvel, Veterano, Dirty Art Club, The Mighty DR, and Croup.

'The Blackboard EP' has that sense of authenticity that we remember from you. You say it well: 'steady played by DJ's who carry heavy crates.' By the way- it's not a coincidence that you come back with your MC name right? At the beginning of your first rap life, you chose 'Supastition' 'because it came from the fact that people didn't believe in you when you first started pursuing music'. Now choosing for that name again, seems symbolic and will be a constant motivator.

Not sure if you google a lot, but the feedback and comments on your comeback have been overwhelming and must be heart-warming and motivating at the beginning of your rap life, part two. 'The Blackboard EP' is only a prelude to that life, but already promises so much. Thanks for answering our questions, and not letting rap down. We're ready for more.



POSTED ON 02|11|2013 by cpf

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