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Cavanaugh Time & Materials Mello Music Group • 2015

Why this effort is the first lengthy collabo between Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti is a mystery. The two quirky penmen, who lifted rap to abstract art, know each other since their student days in Chicago.

The Project Blowed affiliates excel in dark, bittersweet sound bits. They both rally each other for most wittiest lyricist. And they schizophrenically gross in profound persona's. But they only collaborated on two singles thus far: 'Universe Man' and 'Eastern Surgery'.

Another mystery is the album's concept. Casting an eye on the press release learns us that the two protagonists of the album are maintenance workers at a building where the rich and poor cohabitate. And 'all they do is talk shit'.

Both gentlemen shoot the breeze at an incredible pace. Their brain pickings show more chicanes than a formula 1 circuit. Their puns and teasers twist harder than Chubby Checker. 'I didn't go to Disney. I was overfriendly'.

This record bulks with fait divers and oblivious situations, but sounds super cool. 'Takin you out dancing after that bagel.' Do we mind? Of course not. For the same reason we like to hear Vincent Vega relating on the fact that in Holland people put mayonnaise on their fries. For the same reason why Andy Kaufman's humour was both silly and genius.

'Times & Materials', with its grim and electrifying soundscape, is a most promising effort between two like-minded musicians that bring out the best in each other.

POSTED ON 12|21|2015 by cpf

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