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Apathy Handshakes With Snakes Dirty Version • 2016

Apathy's rap is rooted in tradition. On 'Handshakes with Snakes' the Connecticut MC honours the relicts of the era that shaped him musically: Nas 'Illmatic' and Tribe's 'Check The Rhyme' video.

His debut album 'Eastern Philosophy' only hit the shelves in 2006. But already in the early nineties, Apathy formed the backbone of the Demigods crew with Open Mic and Reflex. The nineties are a part of Ap's DNA. It lives in his fibres and bones.

With that sound being the cornerstone of his music, the Connecticut MC easily skips all music trends. The beats boom and bap. Choruses are a no go ('I have a scrapbook full of songs without choruses'). The verses breathe rap history, despise Kendrick-wanna-be's and spit spikey humour: 'I like clubs more than baby seals do'.

In interviews Apathy often complains that there is too little attention for tradition of the music and the culture of hip-hop. On this album, he continues the cruisade. In the opening song Apathy slays amateur emcees who expect instant succes. And current fashion gets a sneer: 'Nowadays music sounds so weird. Everybody clothes are tight, everybody got a beard.'

But more than an indictment, 'Handshakes with Snakes' -lovely title- is an ode to an era. Of which a lot of heavyweights also feature on the album: O.C., Ras Kass, or B-Real. And...the late Pumpkinhead - I'm the epitome of underground. I spit maggots and worms. I'm a heatwave so your ass gettin burnt.'

After five records, Apathy hasn't lost any of his sharpness and witiness.

POSTED ON 08|02|2016 by cpf

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