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Atmosphere Fishing Blues Rhymesayers • 2016

Drop a record. Tour. Drop a record. Tour. Atmosphere's work ethic is admirable. From stage to studio. From one record to another. After Ant and Slug released 'Southsiders' in 2014, they travelled the world. And now it's time again for a new album.

Despite spending numerous days on a tour bus, Atmosphere releases a little masterpiece every 2 to 3 years. It might not be the crown jewel to their discography, but again this seventh studio effort applies for record of the year.

Slug is a master storyteller. Catching the listener's attention and imagination, with flawless metaphors that could easily belong to the canon of poetry. 'I want the summer in my city to feel like a rain forest.'

Like no other Slug can describe the complexity of life. Like this and like that. The Atmosphere front man is an ace in zoomin into the woos and woes of the human heart. The album welcomes the future with motivation ('How you know you alive, if you ain't fighting for a mouthful of future?') and precious hope ('You make it hard to be afraid of the future'). But ultimately stars in depicting the little sides of men: 'Ringo' for instance, where a striking picture of success, envy and downfall is painted. Take note of the cheerful beat underneath it, turning this track into a sweet-sour sensation.

Sweet and sour is what this album tastes like. 'You're such a sweet thing, you're so mean to me.', it goes in 'Sugar'. Whereas on a track with the title 'Perfect': 'I've been an asshole before it was fashionable. And when it's out of style, I'll be the last to know.' The song 'Everything' matches ying with yang well: 'I don't pretend to be deep, I don't pretend to be clean, I'm everything and everything that's in between.'

What you won't find on this album is a new sound. Producer Ant sticks to the formula that probably clicks best with the in-depth lyrics: warm, soothing basslines, with slow kicks, a bag of blues and eerie samples.

The melodies are subtle. Ever since 'The Family Sign', skillfully skinned from any abundance. Minimalistic with an electronic twist, such as on the tensely 'Seismic Waves'. With Slug: 'I used to think criticism was the definition, fish swimmin' up a river, full of pessimism. I wanna catch one, bare handed. Clean it, cook it, and feed it to Lazarus.'

When the album drops don't forget to throw your line, because it's one of the biggest catches of the year.

POSTED ON 08|10|2016 by cpf

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