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MindsOne & DJ Iron Phaseology EP Ill Adrenaline • 2016

You already knew, but just to set the record straight: rappers philosophise about more than money, hoes and cars. The ultimate proof: 'Phaseology'.

With 12 tracks deep, the EP by MindsOne and Belgium's DJ Iron- is a full-fledged exercise in existentialism. Although it demands an effort for the listener, the lyrics never get boring or fly over your head.

Songs with abstract themes easily drown in sloppy stories and faded concepts, so it takes craftsmanship. But both MC's are experts in writing tracks about the bigger picture. They've been rhyming about concepts such as time, mortality and life goals ever since their first music endeavours (MindsOne debut release was called 'The Time Space Continuum').

With vivid imagery, interesting viewpoints and thorough concepts, the narrative lyrics that mix everyday reality with fiction, grab your attention. 'A Day In The Life' for instance is a clever metaphorical track, as KON Sci cracks a brew with The Grim Reaper, minutes before sticking 'a dagger in his back' and stealing 'the black heart out of his chest'.

Both emcees excellent in rigid flows and ingenious rhyme schemes. DJ Iron's production proves to be the perfect backdrop. The introspective lyrics meander through mellow jazz samples, solid snares and thick kicks. The humming basslines bump nicely along the almighty timbre of KON Sci and Tron's voices.

'I like thinking about my role in the universe.', Kon Sci told us once. 'The idea of infinity can be overwhelming and humbling in the same breath. It gives me comfort.' Yet to translate those idea's fluently into a record: hats off!

Out through Ill Adrenaline Records, on vinyl, CD, cassette tape & digital.

Featuring John Robinson on 'Horizons'

POSTED ON 08|18|2016 by cpf

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