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2Mex Lospital Water The Plants • 2017

'Lospital' is a dark record. No doubt. It deals with heart breaks, loneliness and depression. 'Have you ever tried to turn a suicide note into a love song? I'm kind of good at it.', 2 Mex admits in 'The Fresh Depression Anthem'.

Heavy. But the title of the song 'fresh vs depression' also betrays the bipolar atmosphere that lingers throughout 'Lospital'. The living teddy bear also puts a grin or smile on your face. It's dark, yes. But it's not cold. Better yet: lukewarm. It shelters gratitude. Which has everything to do with what happened to the emcee last year.

In April 2016, 2Mex got rushed to the hospital. While the doctors discussed the possible cause, the Visionaries emcee fell in a coma. To wake up again with his right leg partly amputated. Diagnosis: diabetes.

This album doesn't literally deal with what happened. But the impact of the accident and what he learned from it, lingers underneath every lyric. 'Sometimes you gotta take a loss to no longer feel lost.', sums up the core message. The last track is titled 'No Leg, No Love Lost'. Because a leg is but a leg. A much more lasting impression was the support and warmth experienced from friends and family. The video of 'Lospital' shows that support.

'Lospital' holds 14 songs and 10 producers. The result is a mixed yet continuous, intimate sound palette. Ceschi Ramos and Justin Warfield a.o. create a unique melancholic soundtrack with subtle guitars and mesmerizing pianos. But there's also the 'exotic', Balkan music-influenced tune 'Better' for instance, that doesn't fall out of the album's tune at all.

2Mex is able to turn a suicide note into a love song. But he's also able to turn misery into hope. 'Lospital' is a warm and generous record.

POSTED ON 09|12|2017 by cpf

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