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Kankick Acid Massive Musical Grey Label • 2004

With all the attention that’s going out to Madlib and Oh No, we’d almost forget that this other Oxnard resident, who goes by the name of Kankick, is one hell of a producer too. So with this trio kickin the illest flavaz, one can easily deduct that the little Californian town must be one of the most creative places on the planet at the moment. Earlier this year, he dropped the LP 'Traditional Heritage', which is now followed by 'Acid Massive Musical', a collection of fantastic music pieces with merely an average of 2 minutes.

Kankick flips jazzy, dark mellow and soulful loops over down-tempo, minimalistic drums with a groovy bass line here and there. Hard to name any highlights but just to name a few: the first track 'Say', the raw soul of 'Untitled Theme for an Untitled', 'Untitled 2' with its wailing strings and ditto female voice, the dusty xylophones on 'Daddy Long Loops' and the old-schoolisch 'Kan Logic Biz Kan' with its plain drums, random scratchin and Barry White break.

An excellent collage of music bits that fits in a row of excellent producers albums, issued this year (J-Zone, Single Minded Pros, MF Doom, Chops, D-Tension, Nicolay,...). Kan I Kick it? Yes you can.

POSTED ON 11|07|2004 by cpf

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