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Poison Clan 2 Low Life Muthafuckas Luke Records • 1990

Next to Luke Skywalker’s 2 Live Crew, these are the pioneers of the Dirrrty South. JT Money (y’all know) and Debonaire started their career on Luke Records (too nasty!) and debuted with this excellent, pumpin and foul-languaged LP.

Nobody but Luke himself features on 'Poison Freestyle', with the infamous Grover Washington sample 'Knucklehead'. This album is charachterised by its groovy samples from Curtis Mayfield, KC and the Sunshine Band and Isaac Hayes. Like for example the 'Theme from Shaft' guitar riff, sampled in the up-tempo 'Dance All Night' that was considered a Maimi Bass anthem at the time. Miami Bass is sometimes linked with cheap ass production but albums like these prove different! In the funky fantastic 'Jeri Curl' - 'bitches with jeri curls, I can’t stand' - the biggest pimps of Miami kick offensive and obnoxious rhymes, such level of dirtiness is seldom seen. Like in 'The Bitch That I Hate': 'talkin about shit like ya period’s on' daaaamn! The beat is a smooth loop of a 1968s hit single ('I’m Your Puppet') and a slammin snare that makes ya neck pop. As a matter of fact, the song reminds one of Ice Cube’s 'A B*** is A B****', certainly the dialogues.

Other stupid dope cuts are 'Spoiled Rotten', with a hypnotic guitar. 'Bad Influence' with up-tempo rappin and rollin drums, and 'Neighborhood Haps', containing a classic Meters sample. Dirty rhymes, dirty breaks and funky drums, this was way before the South got crunk, whut!

POSTED ON 02|07|2005 by cpf

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