B. Dolan:
B. Dolan:'I want things to sound like a 10'''Kill The Wolf' is B. Dolan's first solo album in five years. As an adept of sound and words, the Rhode Island MC/producer, buddy and label mate of Sage Francis, took the time to mould and shape the record to perfection. 'I want things to sound like a 10.''POSTED 07|13|2015
Big John
Big JohnThe Next Step'I always want the next track to be better than the last. My goal is to in time win over the support of all the shit talkers out there and change the minds of people who think I am only a battle MC.'POSTED 02|01|2008
Bilal Bashir (Divine Styler)
Bilal Bashir (Divine Styler)Divinity Stylistics'Working with Ice T and Donald Dee was more like a learning experience because they had been in the game longer than I have. Everlast had no experience so we had to start from the beginning and build his skills up to professional status.'POSTED 05|01|2006
Bisc-1A night in the life of Bisc1'The most important move I am seeing these days is understanding that NY is not the world and as much as there is no other place I would rather be. I'm trying to expand. NY is massive and there's always work that can be done. Sometimes you gotta step out of NY'POSTED 03|01|2008
Black Milk
Black MilkSound of The D'One of the first records I bought was this Billy Paul record, the same record J Dilla sampled for Steve Spacek's 'Let The Dollar Circulate'. I was kind of mad that I didn't loop it up back then, but that happens sometimes, you might skip over an ill sample.'POSTED 10|28|2006
Blame One
Blame OneTale of a Thief, Priest and Wizard'The Priest side of me loves to build, study and reason amongst the blessed. The Thief side of me grew up boosting shopping carts of krylon paint and racking clothes. I am a Wizard of words, I have the power to make you picture events from my perspective.'POSTED 03|01|2006
Blaq Poet
Blaq PoetA quick Q&A with Blaq'Marley called Premier and said KRS-One was working on the album and they wanted me on it. At first, I wasn't with it. Then I thought about it more, and said it will be a good look for hip-hop.'POSTED 07|01|2009
BluSome kind of Blu''...2 little G's in a Coup De Ville looks to kill, so you best chill, it ain't nothing like Kriss Kross with the hair floss, so u best get lost with ya played-out dance and ya messed-up pants, you don't even stand a chance?...': my first rap, go figure. 13 years old.'POSTED 08|01|2007
BlueprintThe Year Of Print'Hip-hop dudes need to master the rules, then you can break the rules. Almost on some Matrix type of shit, where you can't bend the spoon until you know that there is no spoon, but if you haven't learned the rules of the Matrix then it's just a fucking spoon to you.'POSTED 04|15|2011
Blueprint:'The Bomb Squad was my biggest influence.''Is there anyone who takes this art form more serious than Blueprint? With every album the Ohio emcee/producer drops, his devotion grows stronger. Blueprint doesn't rap for fun. He raps like every rhyme puts his life on the line.'POSTED 04|30|2015
Boog Brown
Boog BrownGettin' instrospective'Hip-hop is what it has always been, social commentary. It is a direct reflection of life, you have those that front and fake, and those that are conscious of life and the way things change. It's all represented and it's all someone's truth.'POSTED 09|01|2010
BrailleHeaded for light'Based on the mainstream representation of hip-hop, our sound and lifestyle is going in a completely different direction. So, if what you see in the videos is the right way, then I guess we're going the 'wrong way'.'POSTED 07|01|2006
Branesparker (Freestyle Professors)
Branesparker (Freestyle Professors)Our pocket's been picked'Jazzy Jay is a legend fo' real. His studio gave off that muffled dirty sound, which would help create a signature sound for the Bronx. Every well-known name from Diamond D, Fat Joe ,Show and AG, Masters of Ceremony, Lord Finesse....etc had to make that rite of passage through that studio on Allerton Ave .'POSTED 11|01|2006
Breez Evahflowin
Breez EvahflowinBreez Deez Treez'The best battle lines are the ones that dig deep at your opponent while simultaneously getting a roar out the crowd. In this case my opponent was myself and the digs were directed inwards. I'm going for silence instead of a roar. I really want people to listen this time.'POSTED 09|01|2009
Brian Knott
Brian KnottWelcomes Juice Crew at A3C Festival'A lot of acts we incorporate for a variety of reasons. Some just hustle really hard and we reconize that dedication or we may feel like there are guys like Giant Panda who are making incredible music but aren't being heard the way they should.'POSTED 03|01|2008
Bryan Ford:
Bryan Ford:'I like how hip-hop has continued to incorporate different types of music.''Killah Priest is always in for an adventurous trip to further widen his already impressive discography. So when multi-genre Chicago producer Bryan Ford asked him to team up for some live sessions, Priest said 'yes'.'POSTED 05|10|2016
Buff 1
Buff 1The King of Purity'Pure hip-hop to me is anyone making music from the heart and clearly caring about the art-form. Some people would say people like E-40, T.I. or Lil Wayne is not pure hip-hop but I disagree. I think they are the essence of pure hip-hop.'POSTED 06|01|2007
Buff 1
Buff 1There's Only One'I listened to what I said and was like 'I'm sounding pretty cocky on here'! But oh well, I've been doing this 15 years and I feel I can back it up, plus that's hip-hop right?'POSTED 09|01|2008
Butta Verses
Butta VersesStill grindin''Yeah I remember Leffingeleuren. Yo, that's where someone bought my CD with a ten dollar bill from Iraq. (laughs) I still have that bill. Where the hell am I gonna spend that thing at?'POSTED 10|01|2008

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