C-Rayz Walz
C-Rayz WalzThe sun cycle emcee'I was going to stab my father in law's mechanic because he was yelling around my son and I thought he threatened my wife. My father in law has a lot of guns laying around and his mechanic was drunk. I don't trust drunk white men around guns.'POSTED 08|01|2007
CadenceThe big interview'I'd love to be able to make a living off the music, but I also think having a life outside of hip hop gives me more to talk about in my lyrics.'POSTED 11|05|2005
CadenceCasts his vote'While I won't say that it doesn’t matter when a conservative Republican was in the White House, you can certainly walk the streets every day in my neighborhood and feel like Bush's America is hundreds of miles away.'POSTED 11|01|2008
CadenceCreative Commerce: the other side of the tracks'Sample clearance has gotten out of hand. Hip-hop songs add original lyrics and reinterpret sounds from older music. Even without charging for clearance, we put money in labels pockets by creating a market for older music that they otherwise wouldn't be able to sell. 'POSTED 06|21|2006
Cadence casts his vote (pt 2)
Cadence casts his vote (pt 2)'Obama knows it's his last term, so he just has to get things done.'''We know in our hearts that the best is yet to come', Obama speeched right after. So what do they, the American people, think? Is the best yet to come? Is hope still housing in their hearts? And how divided is the US really?'POSTED 11|19|2012
Can-USteppin' up in the game'One time I asked my Dad if he had a lot of girlfriends in high school. He said 'I did', but he didn't know if the girls knew they were his girlfriends. That's kinda like this question.'POSTED 09|03|2005
Capital D
Capital DDo the Polymath'I honestly think that I'm probably just happier right now. I have a couple of kids and a good wife so I'm probably just mellowing a bit in terms of my life and it's coming out in the music. I definitely wanted to be a bit more musical in this album.'POSTED 11|01|2010
Casanova Rud
Casanova RudStill Got Em Locked: Part One'Music had more soul in it then, since samples and loops oversaturated in hip-hop, taking the sounds of blues, funk, RnB and rock of old and making it new, creating the foundation of the Golden Era.'POSTED 04|10|2012
Casanova Rud
Casanova RudStill Got Em Locked: Part Two'' I remember Paul C and us hanging at 12 12 studios in the music building on Archer blvd. in Jamaica Queens NY. In between sessions we would take a break playing ping pong on a table we constructed out of ply wood.''POSTED 05|13|2012
Ceschi:'Our decisions are manipulated by those in power.''Ceschi Ramos' first album in five years, 'Broken Bone Ballads', closes a difficult period in his life. After being incarcerated and battling court on basis of dubious marijuana charges, the Connecticut, New Haven musician has a lot to ventilate.'POSTED 04|28|2015
ChiefFeelin the Music'The drums are the most important because they have to hit and groove. It’s useless to make a looped sample and put some kicks anywhere. You have to put them on the right place. The sample and the drums have to make one. That’s the base.'POSTED 05|01|2008
ChillowReaps What He Sows'Me and Reap did a demo track together and I was like 'wow, this is it’. He fits my jazzy beats -I got different beats but especially jazzy ones- he has a raspy voice, a little bit like Nas, so then I thought ‘Ok, let's go’.'POSTED 06|13|2012
CookbookSmells Success'I started reading, really devouring books on success, and business principles, and I found out that success itself was a true passion of mine. I have a huge desire to achieve my goals, but even bigger than that, I want to see people reach their goals.'POSTED 04|10|2012
Cookin' Soul
Cookin' SoulEurope from South to North'Anything works. If you listen to our music you'll realize of course that the majority comes from soul and funk. But everything works, we'll sample anything. Records, CD's, Milton's father snoring,... even mp3's. What matters is what you do with it!'POSTED 08|12|2005
Count Bass D
Count Bass DActs his waist size: a quick Q&A'I used to love to cook. It was for fun and even art. Now that I must cook for a large family and having to jump between the studio and the kitchen a lot, I've lost my zeal to cook this summer. I hate to clean up and there's a lot to clean when you are preparing big meals.'POSTED 08|01|2006

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