DaghaLaw of motion'With this being my first solo album, I really wanted to focus on the rhymes. I got a team of producers that are sick with it. It's hard for me to be efficient and productive when I gotta produce ?nd rhyme. I'm too much of a perfectionist. 'POSTED 10|12|2005
Danny!The next Jukie is...'At first I really didn?t think I?d be their ideal artist. Even after they picked me it was way too surreal. But after Mr. Lif and El-P reached out on separate occasions and told me that they were genuinely feeling my stuff, I felt more at ease.'POSTED 07|01|2007
Deca dives in the subconscious:
Deca dives in the subconscious:'I think the whole universe is inside of us'''The ocean is one of the most familiar symbols of the unconscious mind', Deca explains his fourth album's title. The New York lyricist is fascinated by our 'inner universe'. 'For the world to change, it would take an inner revolution'. Deca quotes Herman Hesse.'POSTED 09|21|2013
Deep Rooted
Deep RootedThe Second Coming'I think this album is better and more mature than 'A New Beginning'. It seems like every time we work though, it just gets better and better. Both albums are great but I like the second one more.'POSTED 07|01|2006
Diamond D
Diamond DA quick Q&A internetchat with the best producer on the mic'Jazzy Jay was the man that taught me the fundamentals of production; however, he had no real input on me as an artist.'POSTED 06|01|2007
Diamond Shell
Diamond ShellUncovering the shell'I am an original DJ, don't sleep (laughs)! I been in crates since Biz got me into this when he was with a crew called Midnight Express. He probably don't want me to mention that but whatever! (laughs) 'POSTED 09|01|2006
DistraktLet him distrakt you'Once I get your attention and say what I want to say I'm done. Distrakt is an emcee that doesn't waste time. Like to get in and get out. 'POSTED 03|01|2007
DJ Absurd
DJ AbsurdCum Laude'I felt like this EP was a test to me to see if I can put together a good project and I feel that I passed with flying colors.'POSTED 07|08|2011
DJ Fakts One
DJ Fakts OneBack With A Vengeance'When Akrobatik went down, it made me think of all the times and memories we had together. I started to think about legacies and what that means. How our kids will see us, how fans see us, all that shit. He made me realize that life is a gift and that I don't have time to waste.'POSTED 09|27|2012
DJ Illegal (Snowgoons)
DJ Illegal (Snowgoons)We Keep Hip-Hop Alive'I have to admit I'm a workaholic. I got constantly ideas and I need to transform every sound to a beat. On the other side we are four people now in the crew. The amount of beats we're doing allows us to pick out just the premium beats.'POSTED 10|18|2011
DJ JS-1and the state of hip-hop'I'm beyond pessimistic. That's why I'm already dead on the cover. Things have been getting worse in a lot of ways, and it's not letting up.'POSTED 06|27|2011
DJ JS-1:
DJ JS-1:'It's a timeless culture, when it's pure.''I don't use a million plug-ins, I don't mix it too clean like a digital R&B album, and never ever try to make what you think others are doing to be successful, or follow a trend. 'There's a sign at the door no biting allowed'. Just do what we love, and since we're hip-hop, we just make hip-hop.'POSTED 11|12|2014
DJ Pocket
DJ PocketActivated'We did this to show cats that one LP every 2 years is not enough. That's unacceptable in today's society. We live in the days of fast food rap so you gotta be able to produce music like some people flip burgers at McDonalds.'POSTED 11|01|2010
DJ Spinna
DJ SpinnaA Branch Of Boom Bap'‘At one point the hip-hop scene changed so much to where the style of beats I was making became less of a demand. Not to mention, the underground hip-hop scene started getting really crowded with wackness. I've always wanted to do other things so I felt it was time to venture out.’'POSTED 05|14|2012
DJ Vadim
DJ VadimMr Eclectic Electric'How come in rock you gonna have Thom Yorke do weird shit with Flying Lotus and everyone is cool with it and Radiohead is massive? But in hip-hop, I can't think of one major artist who is doing anything risky. It's like everyone is making the same shit, just the faces change.'POSTED 09|26|2012
Doodlebug (Digable Planets) & Xing N Fox
Doodlebug (Digable Planets) & Xing N FoxRhythm Rebel And The New Bomb Squad'I believe that hip-hop still cares about politics and the economy but the powers that be don’t want to promote that so they only sign artists who will promote the lifestyle of consumerism and selfish agendas. The days that a group like Public Enemy will get played on a P1 radio station is probably over.'POSTED 01|20|2012
Dooley-OWatch his moves'Me and Cut Chemist went out to the Pasadena flea market and other spots. Those were some good times. I was findin shit I couldn't find in Connecticut. When I came back to CT, Xtra and Chris was like what's in the trunk and I smiled and said 'funk, nigga'.'POSTED 04|12|2006
Dumi Right
Dumi RightFrom Zimbabwe Legit to Alternate Reality'Sometimes it felt we were in a different hip-hop realm where people actually appreciate lyrics and beats that are not recycled and MC's have something to say. There are definitely two 'hip-hops' and they are separate and not equal.'POSTED 10|01|2010
Dumi RIGHTAlternate Reality Check'I'm still waiting for a director to call up and offer to do the story of the origin of Zimbabwe Legit. I think most people by now are familiar with the story but, man, to think that it all began with a letter and led to us hopping into the studio with the Mr. Long from the Black Sheep on production.'POSTED 12|21|2011
Dutch Massive
Dutch MassiveThe new age Native Tongue'My most vivid and powerful memory would have to be late night, like 12 - 2am, watching 'YO! MTV Raps'. The first time I saw and heard Gang Starr's 'Mass Appeal' I literally fell in love at that moment in time. That was also the same night I rigged my father's stereo equipment to the VCR and began recording videos to audio tapes.'POSTED 10|01|2006

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