K Banger
K BangerLet the truth be told'I decided to go with a label like Shaman Work because, let's face it, I'm very busy and it's not worth killing yourself over promotion and record-selling resources if someone else has it covered better than you do. No man is an island, feel me?'POSTED 06|01|2007
K Def
K DefGettin real live'We were forced to make the album in two weeks, and when it was finally done, World Renown was dropped including the entire black music division from Warner. Shortly after that, John Doe was on the run from federal marshals and it was over for World Renown.'POSTED 10|04|2005
K-SoloThe return of the incredible letterman'Canibus is like Rambo, deadly with that 40 cal. You can bring a fucking army to knock him out and he will still escape and win.'POSTED 08|01|2006
KayDeeProfession: Rap. Hometown: World.'Umm...Belgium was conquered by Caesar around 50 B.C. and then the French started running shit in the 5th century and a majority of the population's religion is Roman-Catholic.'POSTED 11|01|2006
Keith Masters
Keith MastersThe Bioluminescent''The Revolution' is an interesting term. It groups a lot of different spheres of change into one. We need to change how we govern ourselves, we need to change our political structure, we need to change the racial boundaries in our society.'POSTED 05|01|2006
Kero One
Kero OneGive thanks to the early believers'With everything going on in the world these days, with the economy, crisis overseas, you can either talk shit and get depressed or you can keep your head up and move forward. I'm all about keeping my chin up and apparently it came across in my music.'POSTED 04|01|2009
Kil Ripkin
Kil RipkinA journey into the life of...'I stay in tune with my ancestors, I listen to the highest speak to me, I have too. I keep my guardian angels with me at all times. I listen and I stay in tune with a higher force. Respect is a powerful attribute.'POSTED 05|01|2010
King Magnetic
King MagneticEuropean Conquista'It'll be not just regular show energy but an authenticity that 99% of these rappers don't have. Might even learn something! Oh? And lot's of fun. Ladies, there's always an after party if my wife invites you! Don't be shy, we're not.'POSTED 02|07|2012
KON Sci and beyond:
KON Sci and beyond:'I like thinking about my role in the universe.''Uptill now KON Sci has been gathering underground praise with the group MindsOne. Now, the North Carolina MC/producer seizes the opportunity to reveal more of himself in his debut solo 'And Beyond' on SoulSpazm. 'POSTED 02|01|2013
KonceptThe Game of Life'Your future is determined by the work that you put in. Dreams and goals depend on how bad you want them and how much you're willing to put into make them come reality.'POSTED 12|04|2010
Kool G Rap
Kool G RapThe Godfather'My secret of my longevity' My competitive spirit. And, that's not really a secret, when you're an artist of my calibre. I don't believe a legend could fall off. I think anybody, that earned that status of being called a legend, always has the ability to come back and amaze people. The gift never goes away.'POSTED 09|19|2011
Kool Kim
Kool Kim'Stop trying to be stars! There is no money in it.''Just before the Wu-Tang made a name for themselves, another Staten Island group made noise: The UMC's. Especially the energetic rapper of the group, Kool Kim. Anno 2006, we thought it was time to meet up with him, 15 years after the first successes.'POSTED 02|01|2006
Kosha Dillz
Kosha DillzDown and out in Beverly Dillz'A lot of hip-hop is Beverly Hills. You walk into a club and there are tons of people ice-grilling and too good for you. Me being white and Jewish, people think I am a producer or some sort of radio persona or something.'POSTED 09|01|2009
Kriswontwo:'Sound waves are some really cool beings''On his debut album -an exquisite collage of rap and soul- the Danish producer serves beats for a variety of refined lyricists such as MED, El Da Sensei, Oh No, Stacy Epps, Georgia Anne Muldrow and UK soul singer Omar a.o.'POSTED 09|15|2015
KuriousWhy the monkey is still constipated'I never had an album prior to ?A Constipated Monkey?. People were just messin up and wanted to call it other things but I never had another album.'POSTED 10|01|2007

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