L.i.f.e. Long
L.i.f.e. LongLiving In Full Effect (2)'Living in full effect in the past years has meant to me to always strive to be effective in everything I do! To live in full effect is to always be in a state of being aware! I feel especially in the past years I am more aware!'POSTED 10|01|2010
L.i.f.e. Long
L.i.f.e. LongLiving In Full Effect'I'm definitely striving to live forever! At least maybe not in the physical but in the spiritual form. I give thanks to Jah knowing that he has plans for me! That's why I chose the name Life. ‘Living In Full Effect’, which stands for the state I'm always in forever! 'POSTED 03|01|2008
Latyrx is back
Latyrx is back'The challenge has been about spiritually reconnecting on what Latyrx is.''Althoug they never quit the game, it took Bay Area's Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truth Speaker fifteen years to release another project together: 'Disconnection' EP, followed by 'The Second Album' in 2013...'POSTED 12|03|2012
Lawless Element
Lawless ElementA vision of sound'You know, we met both Jay Dilla and Phat Kat through music. I been building with Kat for a while and as far as Jay, we just reached out to him and he was down. After the success of 'The Shining', we worked with Jay again and now it's all love.'POSTED 11|01|2005
LexiconIt's a bird! It's a plane! It's the L!'I don't like KFC too much. It's creepy. I don't know why, but there's something weird about fast food chicken and mashed potatoes. They have these new bowls where they throw in chicken, corn, gravy, lint, a few hairs and crushed up sleeping pills on top of mashed potatoes. 'POSTED 11|01|2006
Little Vic
Little VicDoing big things'Me and a couple of close friends and some of my family started Orena Records. Now things are running smoother than ever before, and more importantly it is a comfortable situation with people I love and trust.'POSTED 04|01|2008
LongshotsHungry to bring real Hip-Hop back'I can't listen to the LP too much because it's emotionally exhausting. We went through a lot during the recording of the LP. Sometimes you don't want to revisit that. You can hear the emotion in our voices and the 'behind the music' stuff that happened.'POSTED 06|19|2005
louis logic
louis logicWhen misery meets comedy'I'm terribly fixated on breasts, although I don't see the point in having an amazing set and an arse which cannot be distinguished from the flat of your back. I notice teeth first and I can't deal with a space in front too. It's a weird thing I have.'POSTED 06|01|2006
louis logic:
louis logic:'I think our music deserves better.''I've loved plenty of songs like that in my years of listenership, but I'm asking for more. If you loved something or someone you'd want more for them. I think our music deserves better. We are at the forefront of what is possibly lyrically in the music of our time. Don't you think content like that deserves farther reaching arrangements to go with it? 'POSTED 11|12|2013
LuckyiamI am legend'The new album isn't as solemn and serious. 'Most Likely' is a great album but I can't even listen to it without getting sad or depressed. So I wanted to have more fun with this new project. And speed up the tempo a bit.'POSTED 05|01|2008
Luv NY
Luv NYBig Apple's Best'The concept came together because we were all working in Red Apples Studio around the same time. Everybody would hear each other's stuff and be in and out.'POSTED 05|18|2012

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