M-DotConnecting The Dots'We have this thing in EMS, where we always try and maximize everything. More than just how it sounds. Literally milk every cow. I learnt it at an early age with my mother taking me to yard sales every week, or picking chairs and couches out the trash. 'POSTED 01|25|2012
Magestik Legend
Magestik LegendThe Great Escape'This is my second album actually, but still it feels like the first official to me. This time everything feels right and I have the chance to showcase my art on a larger spectrum. So yeah, I feel great right now and it can only get greater!'POSTED 11|01|2010
Majik Most
Majik MostGot jokes!'I was flogging a Koala one day and was like wow this would make a good song. I’m an aggressive anti-environment activist. I go to zoos and throw my grandmas mini collectible china figurines directly into animals mouths. Those seals get so sad.'POSTED 02|01|2008
Majik Most
Majik MostMolesting Hip-Hop'Bert and Ernie are one of my inspirations for doin music. I love Bert or whichever one has eyebrows like me. Man, I love it! Yo, if anybody reading this can find a Bert and Ernie shirt online for sale that's 2XL, hit me up!'POSTED 07|14|2005
Marco Polo
Marco PoloForza Spaghetti Bender Music!'If anything, I'm more into sauces then actual pasta's. I love red sauces and pasta with rapini! I'm a big penne fan as well!'POSTED 06|01|2006
Mark Deez
Mark DeezA force to be reckoned with'Our culture is in a struggle. From record sales to the music that the major labels are releasing to the artists themselves afraid to reinvent themselves and afraid to speak what's on their mind. And its not just our culture, its humankind as a whole. 'POSTED 02|01|2010
MarQ Spekt
MarQ SpektGrilchy Face'People are trying to say something and the Soulja Boy shit that folks were trying to emulate is going away. It's like folks are spitting hard again. We knew it would come back to that, but so many people chase what's 'hot now' and get caught up in the trends. They on the hamster wheel.'POSTED 01|05|2012
Maylay Sparks
Maylay SparksWorth the flask''Flaskworthy' is what the title stands for. Real drinkers and connoisseurs will only put the best of liquors in a flask, meaning that this is an aged quality product.'POSTED 07|01|2008
Mes The Jive Turkey
Mes The Jive TurkeyNo bullshit!'I feel like listening to happy music or sad music or angry music just like everyone else. So it's the same with writing. I translate my different moods into different songs, just like people feel. You feel. Essentially they are songs about you.'POSTED 06|01|2006
Mic Handz handles business:
Mic Handz handles business:'I try to do more, and think less.''I honestly have to keep a television going on to find sleep or to distract my mind from plotting and planning. It has become a second nature to me.'POSTED 04|12|2013
Milk Dee
Milk DeeTop billin''I wasn't really aware of the influence in the early days, but as time went on I began to notice a lot of emcees with Milk Dee traits. It really became obvious by the insane amounts of sample requests I receive.'POSTED 12|01|2009
MindsOneActs of Reality'We were hungry to hear music that would resonate with us but weren't finding enough. So we just put in the work to make an album that embodied the sounds and ideas that inspires us and that we feel is characteristic of hip-hop.'POSTED 12|01|2010
Moka Only
Moka OnlyNo cream, no sugar, moka only...'I just like good old coffee, Regular Joe, but Columbian and Ethiopian blends are some of my favourites.'POSTED 06|01|2009
Moka Only
Moka OnlyStation Agent'I have a synth sound? At one point I think I did. I do have a very large collection of vintage synths from the 70's and 80's but I use em sparingly in between choppin samples. I'm a digga, nigga!'POSTED 11|01|2006
Moka Only & Chief
Moka Only & ChiefAnd The Mystery Of The Tasteless Cookies'It's great that we connect with the jazz, because it seems in hip-hop a lot of people have left it behind. When I do beats, even though I not only use jazz, I try to make it sound like jazz, that's the essence you know!'POSTED 11|22|2011
Motion Man
Motion ManA quick Q&A with the Meng'Get the bubble in the back let gravity hang it right/ see the chunky and attack I'm pushing with all my might/ no Levitra just seeing them cheeks tight will put my member at attention Viagra induced sight.'POSTED 10|01|2006
Mr. Brady
Mr. BradyLabor of Love: 15 topics'This is the labor that I love. I love what I do. If you don't love what you do, it will show. I try to put my all into what I do. You just gotta freak what you got. It don't really matter what you use, whatever works for you.'POSTED 10|01|2010
Mr. Brady
Mr. BradyHis new beginning...'There is no limit to where we can take this. It's up to us. We want to blow up the label and open more business so we can always work for ourselves, you know. We always want to put out good music though. It will always be real.'POSTED 01|12|2005
Mr. Hyde
Mr. HydeInterview with a Beast Man'I told Necro I rhymed super brutal also and that we should work together. I kicked him some evil rhymes on the spot. We ended up having a lot of shit in common; boxing, taste in music and movies and brutal way of life.'POSTED 08|01|2008
MumblesSpirit evolution via awareness'Being in India for a short time certainly opened my eyes and ears to a whole new world of music and the spiritual essence in world music, and I hope I have faithfully captured elements of that on my new album.'POSTED 08|01|2007
MuneshineMinister of Foreign Affairs'The most luxurious item in my possession is a pair of Gucci sunglasses. I'm not that fond of them, but it's hard for me to find sunglasses that don't make me look ridiculous.'POSTED 09|01|2009

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