RA Scion
RA ScionThe revolution may not be televised, but it must be internalized'Seeing young kids in Zambia wear TuPac t-shirts and listening to them recite lyrics from Eminem gave me a pretty good idea of the cultural impact hip-hop has made. I also gained a tremendous appreciation for toilet paper.'POSTED 10|02|2006
Raashan Ahmad
Raashan AhmadCrown City Pusher'I think talent is a big part, but perseverance and a good business sense can take you far also. Another thing is learning how to really open up through your music and let the listener really have something to feel.'POSTED 06|21|2008
RandomGot called'It's about making that difficult decision that everyone faces at some point, to accept their calling. I think that with that calling comes great responsibility, and as artists, we have the tough task of deciding to do it the easy way, or the hard way. I'm a hard-headed dude, so I do it the hard way.'POSTED 10|13|2006
Random:'I was tempted to strike while the iron was hot''Announced as 'the album of his life', Random aims high with his latest release 'RNDM'. With features such as Kool Keith, Murs and Joell Ortiz, the former teacher from Philadelphia names it 'the biggest thing that I have ever done.''POSTED 09|30|2015
RascoUntouchable #1'Over the years I have just done what feels best for me. I know what kind of beats are going to bring the best out of me so I continue to look for these sounds and I feel this will keep me sharp and keep me grounded to who I am.'POSTED 11|05|2010
Rashid Hadee
Rashid HadeeBack On His Grind'I used Pinky Tuscadero more like a 'label' for the coolest girl in my eyes, being that she's the type I'm looking for and I'm cool as fuck just like The Fonz and I wear a leather jacket.'POSTED 03|21|2012
Rich Quick being himself:
Rich Quick being himself:'My art is my entire life.''It seems in the past year and a half, Rich Quick the artist has finally swallowed up the actual person. I dedicate most of my life to my career. So to me, especially now, my art is very much my entire life. It makes for some great songs. 'POSTED 07|26|2013
Rita J
Rita JDreams and aspirations'I like to knock things out while they're fresh. I don't really like to revisit rhymes. The energy that comes through me at the time of creation is golden and I try to keep it there before I start mixing and messing it all up. 'POSTED 09|01|2009
Rob Swift
Rob SwiftAs the technics spin'My style is not to have a specific style and embrace all of the influences around me from the past and the present. I incorporate Bruce Lee's passion, Miles Davis' coolness, James Brown's funk and a multitude of other things to help me gain the inspiration I need to create or develop myself as a DJ.'POSTED 02|01|2009
Rugged Intellect
Rugged IntellectRenaissance Man'It would be contrived to say my album will spearhead the hip-hop renaissance, but I think this album is definitely a part of the catalyzing force that will bring the artform back into a position of respect, honor and pride towards the culture and the pioneers.'POSTED 08|01|2007
Ryan Lynch, founder Man Bites Dog Records:
Ryan Lynch, founder Man Bites Dog Records:'We make records for collectors''Having a label nowadays is not a sinecure. But somebody got to do it, right? Ryan Lynch, CEO of Man Bites Dog, is an entrepreneur pur sang with passion, guts and a vision.'POSTED 06|04|2013

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