S-EnceHustlin' like Simmons'Do yourself a favour, and not worry about how you are going to something, just do it! I love going on message boards and seeing how much people worry about how others make beats, or what they use especially big name producers. It cracks me up. 'POSTED 10|01|2008
S.S.S.Slow Suicide Stimulus'Our drive for every set is to die onstage. Once the music drops it's like lighting a fuse and the world's most dangerous bomb. Anything can happen and usually does. We just love to b onstage with each other and I think the crowd can't help but feel that energy. 'POSTED 10|25|2005
Sadat X
Sadat XThe Untraceable'Being that I am going to be locked up, I wanted to leave the world some of my music. I'm not the first person to get locked up, and I won't be the last. Six to seven months, that's a skid bid. I know dudes with years in the multiples.'POSTED 06|05|2006
Sadistik:'Writing sad music makes me happy.''It's a paradox many artists have to deal with: dark songs bring lightness to the heart. Why is it that writing about melancholy and the infinite sadness makes you feel good? Aristotle explained it as 'catharsis'. The Beatles advised: 'take a sad song and make it better.' And Sadistik made a discography out of it. 'POSTED 08|20|2014
SchemeSame rebel, new cause'I am very proud of where I come from and the kind of music I been making, but I also know I want to travel the world and move outside the environment I grew up in, and have my music grow with me. So that's my new cause; my progress in life and in my music.'POSTED 11|01|2010
SchemeChicago Chicano'It's the best of both worlds. Being a Chicano is something I am very proud of. My life has always been filled with both cultures, it took time, and sometimes it still doesn't make sense, but I do understand how lucky I am to have influences from both sides.'POSTED 06|12|2009
Scoob Rock
Scoob RockDominican Swedish European'Everytime I talk to an American producer, artist, they think 'Dude is from Sweden, what do he now about hip-hop?'. Plus they want mad money! And they mad cocky! (laughs)'POSTED 05|09|2006
Senim Silla
Senim SillaReturn of a star'Very proud of this album. I was damn near able to get all my thoughts out on it. And cats are receiving it just like I wanted them to. Only thing I could ask for on top of that is better distribution.'POSTED 05|01|2007
Senor Kaos
Senor KaosSwagger is nothing, talent is everything'Now you have 16-year-old kids who have Pro Tools or Logic who can make a whole album in their house. I say it all the time: 'everybody can't rap!' I think it's great that hip-hop has touched so many people's lives but at some point somebody has to be a fan.'POSTED 09|02|2009
Senor Kaos
Senor KaosThe Life And Times Of Kaos'I had days where I didn't want to get out of bed, and listening to a certain song helped me to get my day started. I hope my music influences someone to keep going, be better, think smarter, create, or just have a good time.'POSTED 11|05|2011
Seven Shawn
Seven ShawnThe great seven'I always brought talented producers to Marley's to do some work, so I always stayed around the game one way or another. Marley always knew what it was when I came through. I keep fire for your soul.'POSTED 08|09|2006
SicknatureNever say never at all'Me and my old friend started making beats together using only a Casio keyboard and a turntable. It was either that or having to spit on instrumentals all the time. Plus I wanted to make my own songs from scratch.'POSTED 03|01|2009
Sloppy White
Sloppy WhiteGet some!'I started gathering records back in the late 80's. I grew up in Alabama where there were crazy amounts of thrift stores and flea markets. It was so cheap to buy records back then which was great because you could afford to make a lot of 'blind purchases'.'POSTED 04|09|2006
Small Professor proves with Guilty:
Small Professor proves with Guilty:'We have a pretty swell chemistry''Philly producer Small Professor caught our attention with his 2012 compilation 'Gigantic vol. 1'. The album featured Detroit lyricist Guilty -'I sit on the end at the movies and let my feet stick out'- Simpson. Now, the Professor and Guilty team up for the 10-track record 'Highway Robbery'.'POSTED 09|30|2013
Soul Plasma
Soul PlasmaAffectin' your innerself'If you understand what your religion means that can be a lot of power. But most people don't, so there is not power and it becomes vain and just something to say you have. I went through that for a lot of years. That's why it's valuable that people study and read themselves.'POSTED 02|02|2006
SoulsticeSoul wandering'I could definitely use more hours in day, just ask my wife! Some days it's a real grind, but I always find time to get everything done. I'll get up around 6am, do an hour of music, go to work from 7:30am untill 5pm, hit the gym, and then go back home to write songs and take care of business. 'POSTED 05|01|2006
SpectacLooks like a job for...'You know it actually hit me about two-three weeks ago that Big Daddy Kane's album was similarly titled. Being a huge fan, as stated earlier, I'm sure that slogan was dancing in my subconscious when I decided on the title of the album.'POSTED 09|12|2010
Spends Quality:
Spends Quality:'A lot of MC's think they are God's gift to this world.''Bay Area lyricist and Sonicbloom member Spends Quality's music is a bulk of positivity. Filled with tips to enhance your life's quality -'pay attention to that inner voice', flirting with nature -'when you reach the ocean, it's pure emotion'- , and a zest of escapism.'POSTED 06|08|2013
Statik Selektah
Statik SelektahSticks to the script'Networking is everything. You can tell the artists and DJ’s that don’t and the ones that do. I hold dudes down and they hold me down. I break a lot of records and go in on the radio, so at the end of the day they show the love back.'POSTED 09|04|2008
Storm The Unpredictable
Storm The UnpredictableBlast on you'A day job for my rap career allows me to not have to stress about money, or have money dictate my reasoning for doing what I do. I always know that I have something that I can fall back on or use as a catalyst so other things can spark off. 'POSTED 08|01|2006
Substance Abuse
Substance AbuseProfitless Thoughts'Nowadays people prefer music that is staid and devoid of feeling, because that somehow makes it seem realer to them. Hence the question we posed on the track with Tash: why do fools try to hate when your track has flava?'POSTED 09|06|2012
SubstantialThe first son of Hip-Hop'At the end of the day a person decides whether they are willing to sacrifice themselves for what they feel is a just cause. Personally I?d step in front of a bullet for someone I love. Is that suicide or sacrifice?'POSTED 11|01|2007
Supastition'If you don't give me money to feed my family, you're not standing over my shoulder to tell me what beat to rap to''Supastition is on the rise. The North Carolina native is about to release his new album 'Chain Letters' on the Soulspazm label and after 'seven years of bad luck' and reachin the deadline, he's ready to become the center of attention.'POSTED 03|25|2006

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