Ta'RaachThe lovelution will not be televised'The Lovelution is a publishing company I started with a staff of designers, writers, musicians, composers, beat makers and what not that work around the clock at what they love. These people are innovating the times with an obscure but undeniable quality.'POSTED 04|01|2007
TableekScience in rap: the pyke strikes back'It's hard to say exactly where and when things have gotten deep for me personally, as I have seen and heard about the prosecution of my Muslim brothers and sisters in the States and worldwide. Now, shit is basically becoming hard on everyone, as they begin to enforce this bullshit police state.'POSTED 09|10|2005
TableekTableek Talossa!'I like to challenge where I can go with the music I'm given. My foundation is definitely underground hip-hop. I'm a sincere emcee doing my own thing contributing to the culture and not just being a vulture.people see that and they hit me to do tracks..'POSTED 09|20|2009
Tame One
Tame OneQuick Q&A with the New Jeruz All-Star'The notty-headed terror from Brick City, O.G. Bobby Johnson aka Tame One, known for his numerous collaborations with El Da Sensei (as The Artifacts), the Boom Skwad, the Weathermen, Xing N Fox or even Slow Suicide Stimulus, is now focusing on his solo work again. 'POSTED 08|01|2008
Tanya Morgan
Tanya MorganBrooklynati to the fullest'Now you can just open up your iTunes, scan your songs for 20 minutes, pick a few, then click burn. Sorry there's no passion in that. If you lose your burnt CD, it’s ‘Oh, I 'll just burn another’. If you lost that mixtape you would not be a happy camper.'POSTED 07|01|2008
TeremHere And Now'I think that when you're "here and now" doing what you like at 100% without thinking about the stress of the day or the past, you simply feel good. I make this style of music because that's how I feel the music.'POSTED 08|17|2011
Thaione Davis
Thaione DavisThe Michelangelo of hip-hop'The equipment is irrelevant, really! Like Madlib says you can make dope shit on anything, it doesn't matter what you use. Although I do have my favorites.'POSTED 03|01|2006
The Burnerz
The BurnerzRaw emotionz'I have witnessed innocent people being beaten, manhandled, and imprisoned countless times. Zion I was once locked in cop cars while on tour, and our car searched, because we were suspected drug dealers. I actually have the whole incident on film.'POSTED 09|20|2010
The Doppelgangaz
The DoppelgangazDiving Dumpsters'The rugged, lonesome living with the dumpster diving and keeping to one's self is really a metaphor for the DIY mind-set we have. Bums scavenge for food and never rely on anyone but themselves. They make the most out of what they have.'POSTED 12|14|2011
The foodchain
The foodchainPreparin Lunch'Seeing us live in comparison to listening to the records is a whole different experience. Three keyboards, a drummer, and four mc's. Until now, you've never seen that before. You've never heard the same sound, or felt this same emotion of music.'POSTED 04|24|2012
The Grouch & Eligh:
The Grouch & Eligh:'The Tortoise And The Crow Represent Yin And Yang''The animals represent a yin and yang as well. Our tones compliment each other, our physical appearance works, our thought processes reflect that. It also touches on our longevity in this game and how our subject matter continues to elevate.'POSTED 03|04|2014
The Legion
The LegionStill Krill'It's really exciting to return to the hip-hop scene for our sophomore album. Consider it like going back to school. The structure and format will follow our raw path of beats and rhymes from the 'Theme Echo'-days.'POSTED 02|15|2012
Theory Hazit
Theory HazitGoing the extra mile'Yes, I am a very big LMNO fan. I like his voice, word play, and his beats are insane!'POSTED 05|01|2007
TherapyOral therapy with Paten Locke'I found this store in Jax that had closed down around '79, it had been untouched since then, store and dead stock and all. For a couple of years, I just sold off them 45's and tons of copies of Makeba and Scratch 'Mental Fitness LP'.'POSTED 06|01|2008
Too Tuff
Too TuffThe Deuce Ace Detonator: back to wreck shop!'DJ Z-Trip had played in Philly numerous times between 2000 and 2005, opening for his peoples Linkin Park. He always stopped his set to ask the crowd if anyone knew the whereabouts of DJ Too Tuff. Z hit me up earlier this year and we spoke on the phone and on-line about planning my comeback. 'POSTED 09|01|2006
Truth Universal
Truth UniversalUniversal truth'This is my attribute and it reflects my aspirations. Universal Truth is what I seek, strive to speak and strive to live.'POSTED 09|23|2005

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