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Black Milk Sound of The D Paper cups in the air! Black Milk is in the place. Being a member of the production formation B.R. Gunna, he followed the foot steps of Jay Dee as a producer of Slum Village. He also produced on Phat Kat's 'The Undeniable', for Dwele and featured on the 'Dirty District' series. Recently MK released 'Sound Of The City Vol 1' and with only 22 years of age, he's already on the verge of becoming one of the D's most influential producers.

The title states ?Volume 1?, is this more of a compilation of material from the last few years?

Yel, this is not a Black Milk album. This is a compilation/mixtape that took a few months to put together with some of my people around the D. There will be a vol.2 but I can?t give you an official release date on it, I do have a mixtape about to come out called ?Broken Wax? that will be unreleased instrumentals and songs but mostly instrumentals, that?s coming in March.

The album is called ?The Sound Of The City?, but what about Royce, Eminem, D12? Is that the sound of the city too?

Yel, they are a big part of the Detroit sound, the music that I make is just one part of what we have here in Detroit.

If you have to describe the ?sound of the city? with only one word, what word would it be?


You have some new names (for us) on the album; Marv One, Name Tag and Fat Ray…can you tell us some more about them?

These are all my people who are also upcoming artists that I thought needed to be heard just as me. Marv Won is from a group called The Fat Killaz, Fat Ray is my dog and is one part of the group we are in called B.R. Gunna with Young J. Name Tag is actually my blood cousin, another young talent that people should be on the look-out for. Hopefully, in the future, I can do solo projects with all these cats and me on the production.


Where does the name Black Milk come from?

The name is just something I thought would be abstract and that would stand out from other artist names. It really doesn?t have a deep meaning unless you want to say that the music does a body good. It?s one of those names that you either love or hate.

The first time we picked up your name was on the ?Dirty District? compil, was that your first appearance on a record?

Yel, ?Dirty District Vol. 1? was my first introduction to the world. I had a few beats on there and a freestyle, that was also the time where I was in a group called Ten Speed And A Black Shoe. Name Tag was one of the members as well as my other cuz AHK.

As you told before, you?re now in the group B.R. Gunna. How did you hook up with Young RJ?

I met Young J through my fam AHK and a friend that was cool with me and RJ at the time. We both knew of each other but never met. We finally linked up one day cause he heard some of my tracks and the rest is history.

RJ?s father founded Barak. What?s your relationship with Barak? Are you an in-house? producer of Barak Entertainment, if you are what do we have to understand with that?

Yel, something like that. I have been producing for Slum since the ?Trinity? album and ever since I have just been their main producer along with Young RJ. So I guess you could call me an in-house producer with Slum, but I?m not signed to Barak nor have any type of deal with them. I just been down with the whole team for a minute now.

So how exactly did you get down with Slum?

I was first cool with Baatin. He had a few beat CD?s and when my fam went on tour with Slum one time, he had some of my music on the road, and so Slum heard it. When they got back, they got at me about production and that?s when I featured on ?Dirty District vol. 1? and ?Trinity?. I?ve been making tracks for them ever since then.

Slum V is coming to Belgium Feb 14, any chance on joinin them?

I really want to get overseas and perform but I don?t know if I will be coming with Slum in February.

How was it like workin with Phat Kat on his ?The Undeniable??

That was a cool experience too, cause Kat?s sound is almost like Slum?s but a little harder, so that was cool experimenting with a new sound.

It has been a big year for Detroit hip-hop, some artists that were pretty much unknown outside Detoit have been able to hook up with quality record companies and released their stuff; Big Tone?s ?The Drought?, Platinum Pied Pipers, Lawless Element,…. First of all, are you negotiating with any label or planning to do so?

Yel, it?s a couple of labels trying to holla at me, but right now it?s up in the air, so until a decision is made I?m going to keep flooding the streets with mixtapes, comps and do production on other artist?s records.

Do you have any connection with any of the artists mentioned?

Yel, for sure, Big Tone, Wajeed and LE is fam. I have worked with these cats before on side stuff in the past.


What record are you holdin on the inside cover of your album?

That was a rock record I had made this crazy ass track out of, but I can?t say the name of it.

Did you sample it on ?Sound Of The City??


Where is that picture taken?

In one of my secret spots in Detroit that has some of the illest records, the store is called Peoples.

What else is good digging spots in Detroit?

Some of the good spots are Graveyard Records, Stormy Records, Soul Rebels and of course Peoples.

You sample a lot of soul records, how much do you sample other genres?

All the time, the song Baatin was on was from this rock group called soft machine, and the song with Marv was from the rock group Yes.

DJ Dez did some great drummin on the Slum record, do you play any other instruments besides the boards?

I play a little bit of keys and drums, but I?m mostly behind the MPC and surrounded by a whole lot of records.

Can you describe the average day of a producer?

For me it consists of getting up at about 12:30 - 1, probably go to the record store for a couple hours, listen through some wax, go back to the lab and try to find that new sound. Then bang out beats all the way up to about 3:00-4:00 in the morning. Then trying to figure out which beats I want to give to different artists.

To which conditions has a record to fulfil before you buy it?

Usually knowing who produced an artist?s record in the past. For example knowing the artist band members would make me buy a record before I even listen to it.

Could you tell us what?s your production set-up?

Lots of records, MPC2000xl, Korg keyboard, Moog, and ProTools.

What?s the first record you bought?

I don?t really remember the first record but one of the first was this Billy Paul record, the same record J Dilla sampled for Steve Spacek?s ?Let The Dollar Circulate?. I was kind of mad that I didn?t loop it up back then, but that happens sometimes, you might skip over an ill sample.

Can you reveal us some of your favourite Jay Dee productions?

Some of his best productions is on beat CD?s that I have with tracks no one ever used. But I think some of the best that?s out is Slum Village?s song ?Untitled? from ?Fantastic vol.2?, Phat Kat?s ?Don?t Nobody Care About Us? and Steve Spacek?s ?I Want You? featuring Frank N Dank.

Besides Dilla, who else is your inspiration?

Pete Rock, Primo, The Neptunes, Timbo, Just Blaze, Kanye. A big inspiration is d?Angelo and he doesn?t even do hip-hop but I look at him like today?s Prince or Marvin Gaye. A lot of old school artists too, Curtis Mayfield, Tomita, Ohio Playas, James Brown, Jackson 5, Willie Hutch, and a whole lot more.


Frank N Dank

MC Breed

Que D

Amp Fiddler

Fantastic vol 1

Aight, thanks for your time Black Milk.


POSTED 10|28|2006
conducted by Cpf

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