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S.S.S. Slow Suicide Stimulus Slow Suicide Stimulus. The brainchild of Dusted Dons and Tame One just released their self-titled first album on FloSpot Records. 'A strong debut, something fresh and lively, straight-out-the-box and right in your face', our reviewer said about this effort. Dusted Dons' own C-Chan gives us a little insight info behind the group, the album and the music.

First of all who is the Slow Suicide Stimulus?

The nucleus of Slow Suicide Stimulus is C-Chan, Tame 1, Govone and DJ Melski. The extended SSS army is Camu Tao, Metro, Face Value, Uncle Leon, Corey B, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock, Cage, Yak Ballz, Gauge Gully, Grandmaster Caz, Mighty Mi and Joey Raia.

Why this name?

The name is a metaphor for the music, vices, words and friendships that keep us living fast and dying slow.

When was the group formed?

The idea came after we recorded a song called 'Slow Suicide Stimulus' and we were talking about the possibilities of forming the super group and being able to reinvent ourselves behind a new moniker.

Do we have to consider it as a group or more as a project? Is this a one-time project, or are you planning to release more albums together?

We will be collaborating on many more projects together, but no, this is no project, it's a group that will always be.

What's the role of each member in the group?

C-Chan is the Rambo, Govone is the anchorman, MelSki is the sniper and Tame1 is the loose cannon.

You got some familiar names on the album (DJ Mighty Mi, Cage, Vast Aire, El-P, Camu Tao,...). How did you get the Eastern Conference and Def Jux recording artists on the album?

Those names on the album are all friends and co-defendants of the Stimulus. These are dudes that were hanging out when the play and record button got hit.

What do you remember from the recording sessions?

I don't remember much except for a lot of laughs and smoke. There wasn't any pressure to record, the idea was just make bangers that we like and the listeners will be there.

Could the SSS album've been released on Def Jux or EC?

The album almost did come out on EC and I suppose if the money was right, it would've. The thing is, we wanted to put it out ourselves, but didn't want to do all the legwork. We really weren't trying to shop the project to many labels though because we didn't want to just hand our love to a stranger to rape and reap. FatBeats Dist. heard rough copies of the album and kinda balked and we never gave them a second listen. If there was any question of the music, we just packed up and moved on. If we have to explain, you don't understand. Def Jux, I believe, was too busy with their own projects and thinning out their roster to take on any new projects, especially with such a high risk factor as signing a crew of lunatics. El was straight up from the beginning though and was real helpful in helping us land a distribution deal through Caroline's. He believed in our music, but it's definitely not a Def Jux album and I think we all knew that from the beginning.

How does it feel to have a full album completed?

It feels like fucking a supermodel. No matter what happens next, I will always have that validation in death.

Would the SSS album have as much exposure as when Tame One wouldn't have been on it?

Well, there would be no SSS without TameOne, so the question is no good. Tame1 is one of the best, so anything he does will always attract mucho attention. He definitely opened a door for Dusted Dons and we just thank death that we all enjoy creating together.

How was working with Grandmaster Caz?

Working with Caz is some surreal shit. He is so down-to-earth and excited about music that u forget u are kickin it with a true living legend. When you're with Caz, if you not listening, you are doing yourself an injustice. Play the sponge and absorb all you can.

Was he one of your first influences in rap?

I wouldn't say he was one of my influences, but he was one of my heroes.

Who else are your earliest examples in rap?

Newcleus - 'Jam On It' was the first rap record I owned, and still do. Run DMC, Beastie Boys, FatBoys, KRS were all the first cats to captivate me and get me hooked on breaks and rhymes. But it wasn't till Native Tongues, that I, lyrically, could relate and be accepted in hip-hop as an MC.

Are you listening to a lot of rap these days?

Not really. The more I write and make beats, the less I am listening, which is a shame I know. Right now though I am listening to Weathermen releases and some random shits

Can we expect a Dusted Dons album sometime soon?

Absolutely! Me, G and Ski have three albums worth of material we are slowly starting to put down. We are finally getting some time to get back to recording, but there is no rush. We want this album to be the 'Criminal Minded' of our time.

What's your favourite track of the SSL album?

I am feeling 'Bi-Polar Hi Rollers' right now. I love the guitars my brother put over our beat.

Tame's solo album 'OG Bobby Johnson': was that the first time Dusted Dons and Tame One worked together?

No, the 12" 'Get Paid' was the first time we recorded together. That cut was the first Dusted Dons' single. It ended up on 'OG Bobby Johnson'.

You once performed at a fundraiser for New Castle Community Television, what was your main motive for doin that?

Our main motive was to be on TV. But it ended up being an ill experience cause the show was at a middle school and we were high as hell. So we pulled all the kids onstage with us and rocked our set with a stage full of 11 and 12 year-old kids dancing and wildin out to our music. It was classic. Imagine all the snobby ass parents watchin their kids onstage dancin to hydromatic. (laughs) We shoulda went to jail that night.

You went on a tour with Cage and Camu Tao, how was that like?

Being on tour with Cage and Mu was amazing. Our musical styles vary greatly, but we all bring mad energy to the stage. Every crowd was blown out. We had some crazy fuckin times and moved like the Manson family from state to state.

Your live sets are pretty energetic indeed. How do you prepare for a performance, what's your drive for every set?

Our drive for every set is to die onstage. Once the music drops it’s like lighting a fuse and the world's most dangerous bomb. Anything can happen and usually does. We just love to b onstage with each other and I think the crowd can't help but feel that energy. We approach every show like its fuckin Woodstock or some shit. That's why our fans die for us, cause we try to for them.

Which songs do you like to perform live?

We perform a lot of the songs off the album, plus some highlights from Tame's catalogue and a couple of Dusted Dons' joints.

Aight. We'll leave it with this. Thanks a lot for your time!


POSTED 10|25|2005
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