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Blame One Tale of a Thief, Priest and Wizard Blame's latest effort 'Priest, Thief + Wizard' is the ideal soundtrack to an early Spring day and with the help of the finest among the finest producers Exile, Kan Kick, Mr Brady and Hoax One, he managed to climb to a higher level in the West Coast underground music scene.

Congratulations on your new album, it?s great. Do you consider it your best album?

Thank you. I will say that it is my personal favourite so far.

Can we buy the album somewhere else outside accesshiphop.com?

I have it at more physical locations like Fat Beats LA, UGHH STORE, WORKMANS LA, SOLSOUNDS LA, ARMORY SD, etc? Best place to go online right now is www.accesshiphop.com or www.sofarwest.com. Others should be carrying it soon.

Will it be out on vinyl sometimes soon?

I am talking with two labels that are interested in re-releasing the project? but yes this WILL BE ON VINYL!! No doubt!

On what exactly is the title and cover inspired, how do we match that with you and your music?

The concept ?Priest, Thief & Wizard? is three aspects of my real life. The Priest side of me loves to build, study and reason amongst the blessed. The Thief side of me grew up boosting shopping carts of krylon paint and racking clothes. I am a Wizard of words, I have the power to make you picture events from my perspective.

Exile has a big deal in the album. How long have you been down with him?

Been recording with Exile since ?96.

He?s on the verge of becoming a world-renown producer (with productions for Mobb Deep), soon he?ll be running out of time to make productions for you?

Music transcends time. If Exile is busy now, then I am happy that he has gained the success that he has received. Good music is the true value of this art and the reason we both connected in the first place.

As for Kankick, how long have you been building with him?

About 12 Years. I was a huge fan of Kan Kick before the world heard his name. He is also a good friend of mine.

It?s the first time Mr Brady produced on one of your albums, how come it took a while before you collaborated with this fellow-San Diego resident?

Well, we are from completely opposite sides of San Diego. I actually met Johaz (the other emcee of Deep Rooted) first and then was introduced to Brady. It was most likely best anyway because as far as I am concerned we are both at the top of our game right now.

Hoax One is residing in Brooklyn, NY, how do you collaborate?

By means of modern technology.

There?s a new project with Hoax comin up?what can you tell us about that?

Hoax and I have a lot in common.We are both ex-graffiti writers, we both love grimey ass, raw, dirty, dusty, grungy type of hip-hop. Yet we both have our own style. When we come with our full length it will be nothing but raw music for the love of hip-hop and no ulterior motives. It?s in the works.

What other producers do you wanna work with in the future?

Too many to name. Just pick your top 10 and I would like to work with them.

There?s no guest (vocal) features, how come? There?s no Main Flow, no Mr Brady,??

I really made a conscious decision to hold down this album down by myself lyrically. I have dope producers already so I didn?t want to play the name game this time around. I have done new cuts with Main Flow, Johaz (Deep Rooted), Blest, Cadence (Raw Produce) and more of that will be poppin up soon.

?We?re both workin to provide a healthy household? you rhyme in ?So Happy?, do you hope that one day the music can provide for you?

That would be great. But if it doesn?t happen I will be happy knowing someone in the future might pick up my CD in a thrift store for $1.00 and say ?damn this shit is fresh, why haven?t I heard of this?.

Your first appearance was on Emanon?s ?What You Live for? 12? right?

I did appear on that 12?? but it wasn?t my first appearance. My first appearance on vinyl was in ?98 on a record called ?The Blast Off? compilation with my group Mysterys Extinction. I was putting out tapes years before that as well. I?ve been recording songs since the 80?s believe it or not. The cats down with me know that?s a fact.

Are you hopin to hook up with a label sometime soon?

I am hoping to punch at least two A & R?s before I pass away.

What?s Polish Pub Records?

My first album was called ?Tales from the Polish Pub?. That?s just the way I honour my growth.

So what would you have become if hip-hop didn?t exist?

Well, I am a pretty quiet dude. Hip-hop is my way to vent. If I didn?t have hip-hop I would be bottled up inside. So I?m gonna have to go with serial killer.

What does ?Jah? mean to you?

The Alpha and Omega. Supreme ruler of Creation. Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords. Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah. The root of King David. The ONLY judge. Provider of life. Holder of Forgiveness. The one we are all built in the image and likeness of. The TRUTH!

Sooo?you listen to a lot of reggae I guess? There?s some reggae influences on the album too. Are you a big fan of the music?

Reggae is 70% of my vinyl collection. I got files. Me and Kan Kick are eventually going to release a CD ?Kan Kick vs. Blame? that is all reggae files.

When did you decide to become a rapper?

Age 8.

What was your first rap album?

My mom use to buy me records for my Fisher Price. Art of Noise, Rockmaster Scott and the Dynamic three, RUN DMC.

Which of D-Nice?s (two) albums do you prefer, ?Call Me D-Nice? I guess?

Yep yep, you got it.

How much does it bother you when a hip-hop fan doesn?t know Zev Luv X?

It bothers me when people who listen to hip-hop are uneducated on the past in general. Everyone that rhymes right now has a style that stems from someone else. There?s nothing new under the sun.

Is MF Doom one of your fav rappers?

I like him, he?s good.

Who else is?

Ghostface, Nas, Rakim, Big daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep.. many more.

What CD?s/LP?s have you bought in the last few weeks?

Just some 45?s Heptones, Junior Murvin, Linval Thompson, Junior Byler. You hear me star. Strictly roots and culture joints.

What books have you read in the last few weeks?

I haven?t read shit for a minute. Too busy with music and raising a family and working a 9 to 5.

How?s San Diego at this time of year?

San Diego is the best place to be as far as climate and weather conditions are concerned.

Have you ever crossed the border for a from-dusk-till-dawn trip to Mexico?

When I was younger.

What?s the best piece of meat on a barbecue grill?

Carne Asada or Filet Mignon. There is no Carne Asada like the So Cal shit? word up.

What beer goes best with that?

I gotta support Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale (North County represent!!). You will mainly catch me with Hennessy or another Cognac though.

What movies have you seen in the last few weeks?

Just Dave Chappelle?s ?Block Party?? great flick.

What?s next for Blame One?

Good heart-felt music and when I am done with that I am going to write a book. I have been blessed to have a very interesting life story so I would like to apply that in text.


Platform8470 for supporting good music. My children Symphony and Anthony. My fianc? Jenell and all my friends and family.


POSTED 03|01|2006
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