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Soul Plasma Affectin' your innerself 'The Soul Affect' is Soul Plasma's second solo LP. Before going solo, he was in a crew called Acts29 with Ohmega Watts and Braille, both members of the group Lightheaded now. Inspired by Life, God and Music, Soul Plasma is on a mission.

How would you compare this album to your first solo album and the Acts29 project?

This album ?The Soul Affect? is a lot more mature for me as an artist. I have grown a whole lot as a man, a father and as a husband. ?Acts29? and ?Simply Soul? were dope records and dealt with a lot of issues too. But at the time of writing this record, I was dealing with a lot of things personally as a man and was dealing with a serious transition in my life. So it is a lot more grown.

How did you end up being a member of Acts29?

Well, I met Braille at a church I was going to. He did a show there. And then Ohmega came down a while after that. So we just were building and wanted to do something for the youth at the church. And the name ?Acts29? was the youth group?s name so we did it for them.

Despite having a past with most of the members, you?re not in Lightheaded, why?

A different direction in music. We are still friends, I get down with Ohmega and Othello a lot more. We do a lot of building all the time. Plus Ohmega is the reason my albums look so good. (laughs) And Othello that is my dude.

How come there?s no production by Ohmega Watts on your new album?

Ohmega did 3 joints for the record but they did not make the album due to a different direction the record starting going. But he did some bangers for real! One Called ?Hold The Sky? will be used for a sphereofhiphop.com mixtape and the other joints will be released exclusively sooner or later. Me and Ohmega still get down, he is the truth. What up O!

So please tell us some more about the producers you hook up with for this album?

There are quite a few. Pale Soul Of Oldominion, Centric, Mazz, Tony Stone, Dj Flip Flop, Coley Cole, DeepSix and Elected Official. They are all good dudes that I have built with for quite sometime, I will let the music tell you about them, they are quite dope. (laughs)

Is there any song on the new album that you treasure the most?

I would say one of the most personal joints is ?It?s Been?. I really get personal on that joint. That is my heart.

Most of your songs are introspective soul or straight boombap, do you see yourself makin any party tracks, talking about booze, girls?

Nah, not how a lot of the mainstream does. I won?t glorify drugs or drinking like it?s all good and it?s the way we should live. As far as girls go, yeah, but nothing degrading.

I believe you?ve been in a few crews already, in which are you still?

I only been in one and that was Acts29. We are not together but I was doing something with a cat and called it ?The Format?, but it didn?t work out. So I feel solo is my best fit. I can just do me and that is where I am comfortable. That?s been my life, you can just ride with people all the time. Sometimes you have to go hard by ya self.

Are you still working at the House of Umoja? Tell us more about it?. How much has it influenced your music?

Nah, I am doing full-time music. But that place has influenced a lot of things in my life. I was once a resident in that program and then I went back to work there when I turned 21. Cause I felt I had to give back. And there was a lot I?ve seen there. There was a lot of young men I came in contact with for the 3 years I worked there. So it was a touching time for me. But in this world we live in, it?s sad programs like that get shut down or funding gets cut. It seems like priorities are not right in the States when it comes to changing lives and helping the less fortunate.

Not many people are familiar with the term Christian rap over here, how would you describe it?

A lot of people are familiar with the term but not the music, and if they are they don?t like it. How do I describe? Good and Bad like anything else but I don?t think Good gets recognized as much as the Bad. But there are a lot of Christians who are emcees and that are raw.

What?s God to you?

Truth, Love, Hope, He saved my life. Peace. Christ. Everlasting life. Faith. The list goes on. God is who I love. God is love. God is worthy to be praised and worship. God is the reason I live.

What?s religion to you?

To me it?s rules and regulations, religion can be very empty with no understanding. But if you understand what your religion means that can be a lot of power. But most people don?t, so there is not power and it becomes vain and just something to say you have. And I went through that for a lot of years. That?s why it?s valuable that people study and re?? ad themselves.

When did you roll into hip-hop?

It?s been apart of my life all my life. But I started taking it real serious in ?99.

What was your first rap record?


What artists are you listening to right now?

Blitz, Little Brother, Nas, Soul Plasma (laughs), Common, Talib Kweli. That?s what?s been rotating in my deck for the past week. So next week it will change.

Any soul artists you like in particular?

All the ones I named above. There are a lot more to name. Basically anybody who is releasing real quality music.

The Portland scene is really blowin up; you got Boom Bap Project, Lifesavas, Grayskull, Lightheaded, how come they blow up all of a sudden?

Real cats recognize good music! Sooner or later it?s going to get its due and if you work hard, there is no way to stop you. So these cats have been grinding and getting what?s due. It?s as simple as that.

It also seems like there?s a good connection between all of you?

We all putting out quality music.

What other groups can we expect from the area?

Clockwerk, Rocketone. Sirens Echo, Sleep, whom the world already knows about. Nio Supreme, Olivia Warfield, SharpSkills out of Seattle, there are a lot of cats that are coming with it. Just log on to www.superhappywax for Northwest artist, they hold it down.

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That?s my dude apart the other half of BoomBap Project, he?s raw.

Jake One

I don?t know him personally but he has bangers! I am a fan of his work.

LA Symphony

They are really solid crew and are good dudes.

Pitch Control

Sev Statiks imprint. That was something we were doing just as a crew of people but Sev Statik had it first.


He is doing his thing.

Benedict XVI

That?s the pope.

Tookie Williams

He should be still living. They killed him cause he was the founder of the Crips and that?s why they convicted him. He was a powerful man that they could not take the chance of letting him live. They couldn?t stand a man with that much power. R.I.P Tookie Williams.

What can we expect from you in 2006?

Another record. A lot of features and a deal with Beatmart/Sony. So don?t sleep.

Any shout-outs?

To my family, all the cats who have supported me. My management Matt Rogers and The Von Agency, Beatmart Recordings. And all the doubters and haters, peace to you. And also log on to www.soulplasma.net you can cop the record there ?The Soul Affect? and listen to the promo mix of the record and then go cop, it won?t be disappointing.


POSTED 02|02|2006
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