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Theory Hazit Going the extra mile With albums that made our year, Hiphopismusic was ranked at the top of our 2006 list of underground labels. After more than promising releases by Sivion, DJ Balance & Surreal and label honcho Braille himself, next up is Cincinnati's Theory Hazit. Coming from the crew of The Scribbling Idiots, Hazit is a one-man-army who finally got his first label-related release. While earlier issued on the Internet (hiphopismusic.com and iTunes), 'Extra Credit' finds itself distributed by Europe's finest GrooveAttack in June...

Wassup Theory Hazit, your album is finally coming soon on HiphopIsMusic. It's been pushed back a few times though, how come?

Well, it kept getting pushed back because of the positive reviews from other companies. A gang of peeps loved the record and now support it. The labels that we connected with wanted to release this record at a later date... so we agreed on some nice release dates.

How did HiphopIsMusic land a deal with Superrappin (Groove Attack) for the album?

They were negotiating with Groove Attack for an overseas release... then "BAMM!" Next thing I know, Groove Attack wanted to push it all the way.

Do you expect a lot of feedback from Europe, because you also featured on Braille's exclusive European 12"?

To be honest with you...I have no idea what to expect. I do know that Europe appreciates the art to the upmost....

The European tour starts in a few weeks...excited?

I am trying to be humble about touring... due to my boring local scene except Scribble Jam. But yes, I'm amped and ready to go!

You're performin in Switzerland, Spain and Germany, which places are you really lookin forward to?

All of them! I wanna check out the food! Okay! I'll say it.... SWITZERLAND!

Now back to the LP, it was supposed to have a beat by J Rawls, how come it didn't end up on the record?


How did you get to collaborate with The Are?

I didn't even know who he was... Braille sent me his tracks. As soon as I heard his beats, I was like "yoooo!" Who this??? Now I have a cool relationship with him. The ARE is here to save a lot of peeps' careers!

You have peeps from Cincinnati, Texas, Portland, LA,,...how was it like workin with people from different places?

Very dope!! It gave the record a crazy universal sound that I am very proud of.

How did you get with HiphopIsMusic?

I hit up Braille for a collab back in '04. I was doin' a compilation with just beats and havin' guest emcees.... Well, Braille loved the beats but he wanted to do more music. One time, he was on tour and came to my city. I opened up for him along with K-Drama but Braille didn't know that I could rhyme or whatever... so we chatted after the show, did some more recording and building. Late 2005, he asks me to get down with him and put a record out on his label. I was cool with it but I was working on my crew's LP, so I was like... let's just do and EP. Braille was okay with that. I saw how much Braille was puttin' into this, so I was like... 'Yo, I gotta make this a full length!' There you have it...

In 'After School Special', you're reciting lyrics from old school songs, the song is also based on Big Daddy Kane's 'Raw', is he an example?

I am a Kane fan, but it was 'big up'-song to the old school artists like Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Rakim, BDP and so on.

'If I could turn back the hands of time I'd go back to 89', which rappers (besides Kane) of that era would you have liked to perform with?


If you really could turn the hands of time what would you do else or different from your rap career?

I was into drawing so I would hook up with Stan Lee and create the illest comic books. I was also into breakin' and street dancing... so yeah, one of those.

Your video for 'Emit Gninrut' has a lot of effects, how long did it take to record the video?

We shot the video in like... 48 hours. Editing was done in 2 months.

You mention LMNO on the album and there's a sample of him in it, I bet you're a fan of his...what do you like about him?

Well, I mentioned him because I actually worked with him. And yes... I am a very big LMNO fan. I like his voice, word play, and his beats are insane!

Guest singer on the album, Shawnee Boy, is the cousin of John Legend, can he go platinum as well?

He will succeed with the right people behind him.

Did you know Sivion through Illect Records or did you get with him through Braille and HiphopIsMusic?

I knew Siv before Illect...it was funny how we met.

You make beats yourself ( www.myspace.com/hazbeats ). You're also producer on the benefit album 'The Falling Tsar Project', can you tell us more about that album and its purpose?

It features Sev Statik, JustMe, Wonder Brown, and myself. JustMe had a dear friend that passed away. His name was Eric Place. Eric came up with the name Falling Tsar which means falling king... he always thought that it'll be dope if a band came out with that name. When Eric passed, he left a wife and son. His son has been extremely sick and his widow is losing her job.... So we are trying to do our best to support this family. (more info: www.myspace.com/fallingtsarproject)

What's your production equipment?

Boss SP-505, turntables, Boss BR8, Pro tools 7, AKG mics, CDJ-1000, Micro KORG.

You're also a DJ, what came first? The rappin, the producing or the dj'ing?

Actually, beatboxing came first, then DJ'ing.

What was the first rap record you bought?

LL Cool J's 'B.A.D'.

One of your influences is Henri Mancini, what are some of your favourite Mancini compositions and/or album(s)?

'Police Woman', 'What's Happenin' theme' and 'Windmills of Your Mind'. My favourite album would have to be 'Peter Gun'.

When did you start to get into his music?

In 1991-92.

You like Ennio Morricone or other Italian composers?

I like all Italian composers. There's lots of passion in their music.

Your first written rhyme was a Kriss Kross diss, what exactly didn't you like about Kris Kross, it couldn't be the switched clothes could it?

They just came out of no where dissin' Another Bad Creation and they were bitin' off of Das Efx and Naughty By Nature! So I dissed 'em back! Too bad no one ever heard it... it was dope.

Your crew Scribbling Idiots, how's it going with the new album?

The S. I. album is done, I was told that it releases in September 2007.

What's the different between the crew and Theory Hazit the individual?

The difference between me and the crew? As an individual, I take risks.

The Scribbling Idiots did a 12" with Master Ace too...

Yeah, CAS METAH hit up Masta Ace for a collab. When Scribble Jam came around, Ace stopped by my house to record vocals. At first, it was just Cas and Ace rockin' a Hazit beat. Cas submitted the song to the crew and invited me to drop a verse.

Being from Cincinnati, Ohio, I guess you been down with Hi-Tek one way or another...

I started goin' to the studio in 1994-95 and Hi-Tek was an engineer at the time. I knew him as lil' Tee'. I don't think he knew my name at all but he knew my face. I would record there all the time with my boys I came up with. Whenever we ran into Hi-Tek, we would just talk about hip hop, artists and such. Tone would play beats that he made. I remember him playin' 'Hustle On The Side' remix by Mood before it was mastered. After Black Star did their thing, I'd see Hi-Tek at shows, restaurants, and emcee battles.

Did you have the Mood album?

No, I always had their singles. For all you heads out there....remember the gold tape with the original 'Hustle On The Side'? Classic!

Who else from the Natti are you feeling?

Ill Poetic, K-Drama, Jonell, Five Deeez, CzarNok, Skandal, and J-Wiz

There's a new scene stepping up with Tanya Morgan, Red Giants,...familiar with them?

I know of Tanya Morgan. Not familiar with Red Giants, but I will look them up.

What more can we expect from you?

It's a SECRET!!!


Shout out to Jonell, my S.I. crew, Akir, Hip Hop Is Music, Speech (Arrested Development), Red Cloud, Wise, my wife and kids! Hi mom!



POSTED 05|01|2007
conducted by cpf

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