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Yesh Takes Those Odds The urban dictionary taught us that 'yesh' is 'an awesome way to say yes'. Exactly our reaction when Yeshua daPoED announced the release of 'I'll Take Those Odds'. As one third of Wee Bee Foolish and former partner-in-rhyme of Siah, with whom he recorded for the Fondle Em imprint in the nineties, the Brooklyn resident releases his second solo release after 'Into Fresh Things EP' from 2002. Yesh!

So your new album I'll take those odds is almost finished. What odds will you talk about?

Well it's actually a gambling reference. It just means that you are willing to gamble on that and take the 'odds' regardless if they're in your favor or not. The odds I'm refering to are being an artist in this society, where it's so hard to be truly expressive and honest, especially with the need for money and success involved.

What more can we expect from the record?

This album is a concept album. An honest introspective view on the life of an artist born and raised in South Brooklyn, presented by yours truly. Sick beats. All produced by up and coming beat maker Soulful Soze. It has a story-line , characters, guest MC's and a clear conclusion. It's been a long time in the making. I'm happy to say I'm closer than I've ever been to finishing.

Do you feel like your delivery has changed as opposed to the nineties?

I would say so, the way I used to write was a lot different before. More catering to the patterns. Now I still skill the patterns, but I really say what I want to get across. I'll compromise the pattern and rhyme scheme now to get a point accross. I also have slowed down quite a bit, really settled into my flow a lot more.

Do you approach 'making music' the same way as then, before you start recording for instance what are your goals, missions with it?

I approach the music making process the same for the most part. I've always had a few approaches. I vibe to the beat, see where it takes me to, what it makes me feel. Then I think about what I want the song to be about. What concepts I want to get across and then I write it. Sometimes I just write to no beat and find a beat it feels good over. There's no one way to do it. I think the fun is just tryin different approaches. I might write a verse and then from the concepts in that, make it into a whole song.

Whatever happened to the Wee Bee Foolish 'Underdog' album that was supposed to be released?

It was never released officially. The industry changed so much in that period. We had a few deals offered to us and they all fell apart. It got lost in the shuffle. It's definitely a strong album and if you're interested in hearin it, check Youtube.

How's Siah doin by the way?

Siah is doing great. I just had drinks with him and Jon Adler (produced their EP 'The Visualz', ed.) a few weeks ago. We always talk about music. Deep down I feel like we will make music together again at some point.

Are you as politically engaged as Siah?

Not at all, I go through phases. But right now I honestly couldn't care less (laughs). I got too much to worry about to think that big and global at this point in my life.

'A Day Like Any Other', the eleven minute-track of 'The Visualz EP', is legendary with underground fans, who came up with the idea for that song and how do you remember the recordings?

We all worked on this intensively for 6 months. Siah, Jon adler and I started with a few beats and we thought it would be dope to write a story. So we started writing and bring new beats to the table. It just was a natural progression. Sometimes we'd have the beats for the next section and we'd write. Or sometimes we'd get ahead and need a beat to match where we were talkin the story to.

How do you remember the scene in the nineties, the Fondle Em days...

The New York underground scene in the 90's was so much more than just Fondle Em to me.. Nuyorican, Wetlands, Stretch and Bob, Halftime show, Rock Steady, there were shows, cyphers, all type of creative artists, Braggin Rites, and so much more... I mean there's so many good memories of those times. One of my finest memories is when Wee Bee Foolish performed in S.O.B's in front of a packed crowd and absolutely destroyed it!

In an interview in 2000 you said the following about the Internet: 'Internet is a tricky place. Its like you can sell your records on it then one button away is a way to get it CD quality for free... I still haven't figured out how to really take advantage of the internet...' have you now? So do you still have a mistrust towards internet?

The Internet changed the music industry after all. I don't have a complete grasp on it but I work at it. I connect with all types of people. I am exposed to all types of music and I am tryin to use it to my advantage on this record for instance. No mistrust , I embrace it now. Check me out on twitter @ClassicYesh (laughs).

What are some of the latest rap records you have on your iPod right now?

I lost my iPod but I still listen to a lot of variety. I'm still a big fan of Doom, that Madvillain album gets burn, J-Dilla, old Native Tounges, Gangstarr (R.I.P Guru) , M.O.P, I'm not exposed to a lot of new cats, besides those that are my peoples.

What's the first rap release you bought?

The first albums I ever bought were 'Licenced to Ill' by the Beastie boys and 'Great Adventures of Slick Rick'. What year was that?


I also had dubs of a few others like Run DMC before that but I remember buying those... Def Jam used to kill shit.

What's next for Yesh?

Just building my catolog, man. So when I leave this planet, back to the essence, people will remember me by what I left behind, some good hip-hop music. Also I want to win a WSOP bracelet (laughs). Shout out to my peoples who still believe in me, and to my bro's Pocho Mike Swift, J-Hon, Ken Boogs, DJ Bless, XO, Abe Ziti, Kid Tsu and Soze.


POSTED 07|30|2011
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