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JMega A True Master Of Ceremony With the track ‘Game Of Death’, he was one of the highlight features on our latest mix CD. We're talkin about Los Angeles MC JMega, one third of the crew True Masterz. Solo and with his crew, Mega already released quite a lot of records –check Bandcamp! The group’s bio cryptically states ‘True Masterz, whose sole purpose is to civilize the savage and conquer the beast, traveling at the rate of 24 billion miles per second, sparked from an unknown atom’…

So what's the actual story behind True Masterz?

True Masterz actually started in '89. Presently, what you see with MighGawd, JMega, and DJ Grazzhoppa is a continuance of that legacy, which is basically nothing but raw hip-hop. We started in Los Angeles, and plan to take it all over the globe, and that is where we're going right now.

The underground is rough, the competition is tough, record sales are down, what gets you goin everyday?

We are hip-hop, so it's what we live. Our main concern will always be making music, anything else is of no consequence.

Those webisodes were funny, something tells us that you would've made some good actors too?

The idea is basically just a parody on the ego, a contrast to who we really are. The comedy comes from the exaggeration or over inflation of the ego, and the characters we play are an example of that.

You're from Los Angeles, but your music hasn't got a West Coast feel to it...is that because you're mostly influenced by East Coast rap acts?

Well hip-hop started with breaks and samples, and if you look at early West Coast hip hop, such as NWA and etc., it’s full of breaks and samples. So in terms of regional sounds, it would all depend on what you’re sampling. We're influenced by good music. It doesn't matter where it comes from.

You've been added to 'The Hip Hop Nation Tour'...what do you expect from that, what's the concept exactly?

We expect to spread our message throughout the world. The tour is designed to take the best of the underground scene and give their talent more exposure.

How did you get with DJ Grazzhoppa and what exactly do you think he adds to your sound?

Grazzhoppa is one of the best at what he does, a master at his craft. What he adds to True Masterz is irreplaceable. He has superb skills and he loves hip hop so he is a vital component to what we do. JMega and Grazzhoppa had worked together previously, so it was a natural transition.

You've been very productive, the last few months, we got 'Tree Of Life', JMega album, mixtape, what else can we expect?

More and more raw hip-hop.


POSTED 01|31|2012
conducted by cpf

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