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Casanova Rud Still Got Em Locked: Part One It was 1988 when two handsome chaps with shiny red training suits and perfectly shaved top fades from Astoria Projects, NY, got every girl on the block locked. 'Do The James' and 'Girls I Got Em Locked' were just two hits of the wonderful 'Girls I Got Em Locked' LP. Now, more than thirty years later, Casanova Rud is preparing to release a new album with his former partner-in-rhyme Superlover Cee...

Wassup Casanova Rud?

What's up Platform!

What you've been up to?

I'm good and enjoying life. I've been focused on raising my three kids. I'm a single dad. While balancing work and music on the way.

It's been quiet around you for some years now, in though I saw you were on a compilation as Romeo...

The track 'Romeo' was made in 1991 on EPIC records, the compilation you speak of is probably just a remake, a rehash or straight jack.

But anyway, you're back. And not alone, but with Superlover Cee?

Superlover and I are currently working on a album commemorating our 25th anniversary in hip -hop, called 'Retro'. We decided we owed it to ours fans, to ourselves and to hip-hop to come back with something.

So have you defined your new sound yet?

We are going to try to keep it as close to the sound of the golden era as possible. In regards to my solo stuff I have out on soundcloud.com/casanova-rud it's all new and recent. I can't really define the sound as of yet, since it's ongoing.

You have an audio engineering degree, so are you doing most production now yourself?

I represented the school I was attending at the the time (IAR) and was awarded by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) second prize in a recording and mixing competition in 2005, amongst 100's of entries from schools and individuals around the world. I've been doing most of my production and mixing myself but I also search out for new producers around the world all the time, So I get stuff sent to me via casanovarud@gmail.com two-tracked all the time, it's like Christmas to open up an e-mail sometimes. My strength has always been recording, mixing and productions but I've alway had a knack for writing and spitting too,

One producer who must've left a big impression on you was Paul C...

I learned how to chop, mix and produce under the tuttelage of the legendary Paul C. McKasty at 12 12 Studio's Queens NY.

You released music in the late 80s. How do you remember that timeperiod? You were superstars in school and in the neighourhood Astoria Projects at the' time right?

The late 80's was magical and the most memorable time in my life. I was always a hood celebrity because I started DJ'ing and spitting when I was young, 13 -14 year's old. I graduated from Aviation high school in '86 and the following year, Supe (Superlover Cee, ed.) and I came out with our first hit. It was a time when artists and the fans respected the craft and originality was embraced. Beat biting was shunned and dope style taking was taboo. Music had more soul in it then, since samples and loops oversaturated in hip-hop, taking the sounds of blues, funk, RnB and rock of old and making it new, creating the foundation of the Golden Era.

Part two coming soon


POSTED 04|10|2012
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