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Deep Rooted The Second Coming Two years after their debut album, which also marked the start of the OpenMyndz label, San Diego's Deep Rooted is back at it again. A second LP, a second shot in the bull's eye, Mr Brady, Johaz, Brea and DJ Artistic team up with the Left Coast's finest such as Exile, Planet Asia, Oh No, OneBeLo and many others... Mr Brady wassup?

First of all, what is the symbolic meaning behind the cover?

Well, the first album was called 'A New Beginning' and we wanted to follow up to that, so we came with 'The Second Coming'. The cover was drawn by our peeps Stacks Malone. We wanted people to visualize what we meant by 'the second coming' so we came up with the concept of a pregnant woman with her other child looking on. We're givin birth to new sounds and it's our second offering, get it' Also, the 70's feel of the picture brings forth a lot of soul and we feel like we bring a soulful vibe as well so it all makes sense. I could go on and on but that's pretty much it.

You're working with a lot of the same guests as on your debut album. Was this an obvious choice considering the impact they had on the first effort?

Most of the people we worked with, we pretty much knew already. Plus if it not broke, why try to fix it, right' But we do work with a variety of artists though. We got a few different people on our second album that's not on our first album though. We just try to keep it moving.

One of those artists that were not on the first one are Planet Asia and OneBeLo...

Yeah, Johaz and DJ Artistic met up with Planet Asia and build that relationship. We met OneBeLo when we were touring on the Vans Warp tour. He's a real cat.

How come Moka Only didn't show up this time around?

Me and Moka go way back but timing is everything you know. That's my peeps. Maybe next time.

Oh No is featured again, what Playstation games do you play together?

I know Johaz likes to play Xbox, I can't really get down on that, but we all play a lot of the same games, Madden, NBA Jams etc... I used to play a lot but I haven't played in a while. Been too busy with the music. You can get caught up with a Playstation in the house. I know Oh No told me he has just about ever kind of game that you can think of.

You used to state that 'the new beginning' was your best work to date. Do you think you've done an even better job now?

I think this album is better and more mature than 'A New Beginning'. It seems like every time we work though, it just gets better and better. Both albums are great but I like the second one more.

Are you still looking for a distribution deal?

Yeah. Right now we are our own distributors. We are doing pretty good right now on our own, but a little help wouldn't hurt.

What's the advantages (or disadvantages) for selling on-line in your opinion?

It's really no disadvantage selling on-line. It's the best thing to happen for music except for all the bootlegging-killing sells. Also it might take a little longer to get your check.

The first Deep Rooted album was presented as 'Mr Brady & Johaz are...', how come you decided to make a 4-headed entity of Deep Rooted for this second coming?

Brea and DJ Artistic's presents was felt on the first album but when we started it was just Johaz and myself. Brea was all over the first album though. We needed a permanent DJ and Artistic and us go way back so that's that. Brea was pretty much always in the group but we just made it official plus it's power in numbers.

Yeah, on this album, Brea sings in the chorus of every song, so her input has really grown...

We just go with whatever sounds right plus she has a great voice, that doesn't hurt either. We just go with whatever we feel but she definitely has an input.

When's her album coming out and what can we expect?

She started recording her album but we have been so involved in this Deep Rooted thing. It's coming though, trust me. So far, I did most of the production but we will have other surprises as well. She's very talented.

Sha-Dula's album; is it out already?

Yeah, his album dropped a couple of months ago. We are still pushing it, I'm sure you'll get it overseas soon. Big up to the God.

You won a San Diego award, did this give Deep Rooted and OpenMyndz a lot of welcome exposure?

It was definitely dope. It helped us get bigger shows locally like rocking with Common at the House of Blues. It also looks great on our resume, you dig' A few more write-ups, things like that. It exposed us to people that would of never heard of us.

Suppose UpAbove or Battle Axe would offer OpenMyndz to become one of their imprints, would y'all go down with 'em?

Upabove is our peeps so that would be dope. What up Key Kool' They are a dope label, well put together!

We were a lil' confuserd when your website URL changed to deeprootedentertainment, what's the difference between OpenMyndzEnt en DeepRootedEnt?

Truthfully, the webmaster for openmyndz.com went m.i.a., so we had to move on. Plus we always wanted to get a Deep Rooted site. It's still one big fam though, Deep Rooted, Openmyndz, it all thighs together.

What's next for Deep Rooted Ent / Open Myndz Ent?

Just a lot of shows and more shows. We are going to do a compilation soon with my beats. It will be everyone on Openmyndz doing different collabs and other artist doing joints. Our goal is to take it to the top and let the world know we are here and we are fo' real.

Is the label now where you wanted it to be two years ago?

Yeah, it's getting bigger everyday. We got so much more than we had two years ago and it's only going to bet bigger.

You plan to sign new artists and/or to get household names to the label too, Abstract Rude perhaps?

Ab, that would be dope. He will definitely be on our comp though. If the label grows and we get a good distribution deal we would definitely like to sign other artists, but as of right now, we got enough to deal with.

I saw a bit of streaming media on a website of one of your gigs. The power and energy all members showed was incredible. How do you manage to keep performin like that, like what's your mission and inspiration for doin that?

We love doing shows. The energy is wild at a Deep Rooted show. If you get a chance, come check us. Most of the time when someone sees us rock for the first time, they want to buy our album. We kind of sale ourselves on stage. Plus we live for this.


Check out our new video for 'Celebrate' at myspace.com/deeprootedent or deeprootedent.com. I just feel big things are happening for us, long as we remain true to ourselves. I would give you more but I'm tired as hell (laughs). Peace.


POSTED 07|01|2006
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