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AB's And Now... The AB's, formerly know as Asamov! One of last year's revelations was Florida's quartet Asamov, who dropped an excellent debut album. And now, on the verge of a serious breakthrough, the group, consisting of J-One-Da, Therapy, Willie Evans Jr and Basic, sees itself obliged to change their name due to a legal interference by the Estate of Isacc Asimov, the science-fictional writer and author of books like 'I, Robot'. J-One-Da explains...

You'll had to drop the name Asamov, what was the exact motive of Asimov to make you change your name?

The Estate of Asimov hit the label and our distro, Caroline, with a cease and desists back in January. Basically, it is on the lines of 'we were depreciating the value of the name and their commercial success.' The Estate felt that we were using the name for our own financial gain. So they put a freeze on anything that was being sent out by Caroline for about three months. So now we have until September to phase the name out.

AsAmov is written differently from AsImov. So what's the problem really?

The spelling is different but they felt it was too similar. They are a cash machine, we are just some niggas who are just getting by, doing something that we love. There was no way we had the finances to fight it.

With which motivations did you defend yourself in this case?

We sent an SOS on Will Smith's myspace page. Naw, just fucking with you. The only defence we had is that we are our own entity. Our success was built on our music. We put out a dope album and it shows from the response we are continuing to get. Niggas probably didn't even know about Isaac Asimov until we came along. So that's the problem right there. So it's a lose situation. If we would've put out a wack album, we probably could've kept the name. We just would be four wack ass niggas named Asamov. And that's not the move.

What will this name change mean for your earlier released music?

Shit will be stupid rare. So if you have an Asamov 'And Now', you are lucky because there will not be another repress. Digital media outlets like Itunes will be one of the few places you can get the album. So anything with Asamov on it, from 12's, mixtapes to t-shirts, you better hold on to it.

How much do you think the problem with people recognizing the name AB's is gonna be, since you've been building a career as Asamov?

It's going to be tough, but we are some creative dudes. I feel we will come up with some way to stamp our new brand and still be successful. Starting with putting formerly Asamov on everything. (laughs)

So why were you named after science fiction writer Isaac AsImov in the first place?

The name Asamov came from a rhyme therapy said in a verse. We just took it and ran with it. It was different and original. We just wanted to make music, while branding a name that was refreshing. This is hip-hop, I don't give a fuck what your name is, you could go by Young Microsoft. If your shit is garbage nobody is checking for you.

Have you seen this coming when you took the name?

Not really. When that shit happened with Smiff N Wessun, they had already put out a couple of albums. This was our first album. I just don't get it. I guess hip-hop has definitely crossed over and reached the masses or niggas is just bored.

Will you read anymore of his books?

No more, no less.

When's the new album coming out?

We are looking at mid-fall. Hopefully on 6Hole, but you never know.

Now let's talk a bit about the last album, could you explain us the concept of 'Fem Fems'?

'Fem Fems' is something we took from my man Wax. He is in a crew called Red Rock, who has a 12” out currently on ABB called 'G's Like Us'. 'Fem Fems' is the sound that money makes when it hit your hands when you like 'fuck that pay me'. Fem..fem..fem..fem..fem.

9th Wonder has a production on your album. He sent you a beat CD, so on what conditions do you select a beat when you get a beat CD?

It depends. You might hear a beat and it might not hit you right away. That doesn't mean you can't structure a good song around that beat. I like melodies, bass lines and funky drums. When 9th sent the beat CD, we were trying to find something that was going to fit on the album. We wanted to put an album that played from beginning to end with no fillers or skipped tracks. I think we did job of that.

You guys are one of the few people who shout out Prince Whipper Whip in their songs, are you big fans of him?

Therapy has a huge record collection from 80's to 90's hip-hop, rock jazz, funk, library records, 45's and who knows what else. Definitely a huge record nerd. He would school you on Prince Whipper Whip.

You also did a shout-out to a group called Deep Rooted, who's that?

Willie used to be in a group called Deep Rooted back in the days. That's whom he was shouting out in 'SupaDynamite'.

Akrobatik did the track while on holiday in Florida, so it wasn't really planned that he would be on the album?

Ak was over at the crib at the Skill Center one day playing Madden. We started listening to some beats and Willie played this one beat that was bananas. Now mind you, this is not the same beat that's on the album. We asked Ak to get down. Ak wrote his verse in like 20 minutes. The original 'Get Loose' is stupid funky. Actually, we have a whole different version of 'And Now' in the vaults. All beats are different with a couple of songs nobody has ever heard. Maybe one day we will put it out.

J-Live and Wordsworth are on the album too but that track wasn't supposed to be on it. How come it's on the album after all?

It was a marketing decision by the label. They were feeling the joint and thought it would be a great addition as a bonus on the album.

Also, there was a remix contest to 'Hook Slide' recently, why did you decide to do that?

Everyone who make beats probably foams out of the mouth when they get a chance to remix a song from their favourite artists. We wanted to give beat makers an opportunity to give they're take musically on an Asamov song. It's great for the culture and brings the artist closer to their fans.

Asamov was the first to be signed to 6 Hole, how did that happen' Because we can imagine you were not so known as the Justus League 'members' signed to 6Hole.

Desi Relaford, who is a good friend of ours, felt that he was in a position to give cats an opportunity. He saw our ambition and drive and put together a label to make it happen. We will always have that dudes back for that.

You plan on working with label mates LEGACY, the Away Team or Big Pooh?

We definitely hope to work with them.

the story behind your first 'Spare Parts' LP exactly' I saw it somewhere on Ebay described as a 'bootleg'.

We have a vault of songs from when were solo artist to just doing joints. We felt that we wanted to give Asamov fans more music. So we put together a mixtape called 'Spare Parts'. Ebay huh! How much was it going for'

A lot! So will it be re-issued?

Maybe. Depends on the demand

Can you tell us more about the group 'Little Green Apples'?

Little Green Apples consist of Basic, Therapy and Slue. It's a record digging crew who be looking for them gems. Breaks, originals, library records, you name they have it or have it stashed in some dusty record store.

What artists are you listening to today?

Asamov, Akrobatik, Mr lif, RedRock, Murs, Rob Roy, Little Brother,
Kanye, Common, Never Forgive Action 3, Smile Rays, Nerdy South, AB's.

Who of them will be on a future AB's release?

I will let you know when I know

How's life in Jacksonville?

It's real chill. A great place to think and create.

You hang out on those white sandy beaches much?

Not really, that's like a 40 min trip for us.

Is there anymore hip-hop in Jacksonville besides The AB's?

Definitely. There is a lot of talent here, but I don't think anyone knew how to market him or herself, on a major scale. I feel that AB's has knock down a lot of doors for a lot of upcoming artist in Jacksonville. We basically, gave niggas the blueprints on how to do it. So don't be surprised if you hear more about Jacksonville artist in the near future.

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Prince Paul.


Miami Bass.

Rob Roy

Will be a star.

Jacksonville Zoo

Have to go at least once if you come to Jacksonville.

The Suns

Best Triple A team.

The Jaguars

Gonna win it this year. Only team in the NFL with three black quarterbacks.

Thai food

Don't sleep on the Phad thai and Red curry.

What's next for AB's?

A new album. Hopefully we can get some pub off the legal situation.

Any solo albums coming up?

Therapy has a group called Smile Rays and should be releasing it this summer. Willie Evans also has a producer album called 'Nerdy South'. He also has finished up an EP that should be released this summer. Basic has a b-boy mixtape called 'Never Forgive Action', that's out. I'm have been recording for my solo album.


Everyone who has been down with Asamov since day one. Hit us up on Myspace. Also cop the album 'And Now', if you can find it. AB's nigga....


POSTED 06|19|2006
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