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Luckyiam I am legend Not affiliated with Will, Luckyiam, co-founder of the Living Legends, is preparing the release of his brand new album ‘Time 2 Get Lucky’, just as we’re still rotating the recently released The Grouch LP and Living Legends EP. Triple luck for the hardcore Legends fans, who remember Luckyiam as PSC aka Professional Semen Contributor, the author of a handful of solo albums and driving force behind side-crew projects such as Mystik Journeymen (joining Sunspot Jonz), CMA (alongside The Grouch) and The Underbosses (with the homie Murs). Time to get acquainted!

Wassup Lucky, you have a new album coming up, tell us some more about that first...

Yes, August 5 2008 I have a new album coming titled 'Time 2 Get Lucky'! Lyrically you can expect me to to be rappin my ass off because I'm getting better as an MC. I've been doing a lot of touring ie. Paid Dues/Rock the Bells and I did a fall tour with Atmosphere. Performing so much and being around all those dope ass rappers gave me inspiration to get back into the studio and record some HEAT. Productionwise, Mike Gao aka NightProwl supplied me with a landscape of uptempo bangers and different genres of dope music. I may use a Kruse beat on there too. Marty James gave me a pop hit feat. my homie Travis from Gym Class Heroes. Also I have this kid Budo on there and he's a beast. And Eligh has something for me too! Guests are: The Grouch, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and a couple more TBA. Sssssshhhh…

How would you compare the new album to your previous LP 'Most Likely To Succeed'?

The new album isn't as solemn and serious. 'Most Likely' is a great album but I can't even listen to it without getting sad or depressed. So I wanted to have more fun with this new project. And speed up the tempo a bit.

What does ‘gettin Lucky’ mean to you?

Buying my new album, you get Lucky... duh?!

We got the Living Legends EP and The Grouch album in stores right now, what's the idea behind putting out two albums at the same time?

We wanted to make a statement and come out swinging for 2008. Legends back in the studio together, new distro with ADA/Warner and another chapter to the LL legacy. Two on the same day, whaaat?!

Is there a Living Legends LP coming soon?

I hope so...between touring and inner-crew groups and family stuff, we are all pretty busy. We shall see. We could make some dope shit if we just blocked off a couple weeks in a studio. We have some songs done for the full length already as well.

How would you compare makin an album with a) Living Legends, b) Mystik Journeymen, c) The CMA and d) The Underbosses?

a) I have less writing to do on a Legends album and I get to go first because I'm one of the fastest at getting my verse perfected in the booth. b) Journeymen, wow...I have forgotten what that even feels like. c) CMA is me & Grouch coming up with concepts and dumpin. d) Underbosses is just a dream doot.

Is the Journeymen album 'Fate And Destiny' album ever to come out?

No. Those songs escaped the vaults onto UHB's and various shit. I wish we would’ve dropped it as an album. Recorded that in Japan in 1996. Daaamn.

You just come back from the Child Support Tour…

I toured with the Sandpeople crew from Portland, Oregon. They are the nicest people ever and they are dope MC's. The tour itself sucked balls because only a tiny bit of people came out to support me, which was insulting because I had been to some of these places with Legends and opening for Atmosphere, but I came solo and they fronted on me. Fuck them and props to all the people who did support.

What was the best hotel you stayed at?

The Block in South Lake Tahoe.. (DVS room) I'd live there if I could, it was so cosy I didn't wanna leave.

So how did the supporting audience like your new songs?

People loved my new shit...I have a song called 'Usele$$' that killed it.

You were the first hip-hop artist to perform in Peru...

I was the first Independent hip-hop artist (with Omni) and it was dope, they were hella receptive but I got into mischief out there with the fine ass women and the cheap/pure coke. I had quit smoking cigarettes for a year before I went to Peru and I relapsed out there. That trip was the beginning of the end for me.

How do you remember the early days of the Legends?

We were broke/hungry and much younger, living all together in one warehouse chasing our dreams. (The good ol days) I think the music we made back then reflected the times.

What solo elpee of the Living Legends members do you play mostly?

I don't really listen to our music like that. In fact, I don't listen to music at all really unless I'm writing or mixing, but Grouch's 'Making Perfect Sense' gets play every now and then. That's a really dope album to me. His work with his dad (Stu, RIP) was magical!

Ok, so we had to know: is Will.I.Am family of yours and can he produce a beat for you sometimes?

Yup, Will is the homie, and he is from the LA underground family. I'd let him produce a whole album for me anytime, but I think he's a little busy right now, yeah, he's working with some guy called Michael Jackson, he had a album back in the day called 'Thriller'.

What would you be if there wasn't rap?

An elementary school teacher or a porn director.

How come you don't deal with your Myspace page anymore?

It got to be too much to handle and a distraction for me. Temptation is a bitch, a sexy, sexy ass bitch.

How'd you like the new Atmosphere album?

It is dope. Not my cup of tea musically but so so so fucking dope. Last time I was at the Block in Tahoe they were bumping it on the speakers and I spent a morning just zoned out to the entire album. Sean (Daly, rapper of Atmosphere, ed.) and co are very inspiring. I love those guys.

Stanley Kubrick or Alfred Hitchcock?

Alfred... I could give you zillion reasons he kicks Stanley's ass but it would turn into a novel!

Have you seen the new Indiana Jones movie yet?

No but I will go see it when it comes out! Old ass Indiana Jones...I saw 'Temple of Doom' in the theatres when I was a young lad.

What makes HBO series 'Rome' good television?

The rawness, the costumes, the actors. It's not TV, it's HBO.

What was the first rap album you bought?

It was Eazy E 'EazyDuzit' or BDP's 'Criminal Minded'.

What was the last rap album you uploaded on your iPod?

My Ipod got stolen.

What can we expect from you after the new album?

More touring so I can be the West Coast Brother Ali.


Peace to everybody that doesn't suck.

Peace Lucky.


POSTED 05|01|2008
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