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Bace135 Monkey Vs Robot/Man Vs Machine Boss Monk Music • 2005

This project is not bad, the man knows how to make songs, how to hide his inabilities, he knows how to put together an album and completed two pretty cohesive EP’s, of which the instrumental one, 'Monkey Vs Robot' is our favourite.

POSTED 02|18|2006
Barsha Barsha's Explicit Lyrics BumRush • 1990

This album is not gold but it’s definitely a must for hip-hop addicts who love that early 90’s vibe and searchin for collector’s items.

POSTED 09|19|2004
Basic Vocab
Basic Vocab The General Dynamic AVX Music Group • 2006

Basic Vocab is a crew that sticks together, bringin forth a fresh, cohesive vibe, peddling against the crunk stream of music of the Southern hip-hop scene, to which the producer of the album ironically contributes himself and proves that eventually music is…music. Call it ironically or genius, fact is that this album feels real good to the Eustachian.

POSTED 05|24|2006
BeatMonstas Presents vol 1: The 3rd Weapon BeatMonstas Ent • 2005

Hip-hop has never been bigger in the Windy City than today. Just when you think you have seen or heard every quality group from Chicago, there’s another one knockin at the door. Meet the BeatMonstas. One of Chi’s biggest hip-hop crews, and a melting pot of every wind direction of Chicago, from the gritty streets of the Westside till the infamous Southside.

POSTED 01|05|2006
Beatmonstas Bomb Til We Hit Em Beatmonstas Ent • 2009

The Chicago collective of Therapy, Noble Dru, Phashara, Sense and Rahfiki returns, after four years, with a sophomore album that clearly shows an evolution during the last few years.

POSTED 02|18|2010
BenFlowz Tomorrow: The Hip-Hop Renaissance DreamScheme • 2005

Several producers are included in the line-up (two by BenFlowz himself) and give this album a nice diversity that breaks through the monotony a 18-track album sometimes brings along. 'Tomorrow' is an honoust effort that shows Benflowz' dedication, persistence and potency. Not your favourite rapper nor producer, but a name to remember!

POSTED 05|16|2006
Big Daddy Kane
Big Daddy Kane Long Live The Kane Cold Chillin • 1988

The King Asiatic No Equal is one of the dopest MC’s in history; standin right beside Rakim and being the best rapper of the Juice Crew (just before Kool G Rap). With his braggadocios pimp-ass rhyming, lethal punch lines and persistent flow there’s no substitute. All these talents came out on 'Long Live the Kane'.

POSTED 01|23|2005
Big Tone
Big Tone The Drought ABB • 2005

With rhyme and reason, Detroit is one of today's hip-hop capitals. Acts like BR Gunna, Lacks, Que D (remember?), Phat Kat, Frank N Dank and recently, Lawless Element, have entered the footsteps of Jay Dee and Slum Village and contributed to the glorious scene of the Motorcity. This time around, it's Big Tone's turn.

POSTED 10|19|2005
Bilal Bashir presents
Bilal Bashir presents Word Power: The Instrumentals Domination • 2006

With productions for Everlast, Cypress Hill, Ice-T, King Tee, The Alkaholiks, 7A3 (another West Coast name to never forget), and Salt N Peppa, Bashir has built quite a name for himself. Now’s the time for you to re-discover, because albums such as this really put the focus on how innovative, creative and at the same time humourous these pioneering producers really were.

POSTED 04|24|2006
Bizzie Boyz
Bizzie Boyz Droppin It Yo! Payroll • 1989

Like DJ Clark Kent says on the backside cover of the album: 'This is the dope that turns hip hop listeners into addicts!'. Now, start searchin...

POSTED 02|25|2005
BKA Clever Profile • 1991

Just like the cover the music is funny and about havin a good time: 'On the Beach' is crackalackin humour: seagulls are screaming in the background while Reggie B is choking in the sand 'God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt'…imagine that.

POSTED 06|10|2004
Black Milk
Black Milk Sound Of The City Vol 1 House Of Music • 2005

Get ready for a hot funky cup of Black Milk! It’s been bangin in our office for a while now (some of us got it in their trucks, of course) and we still can’t get enough of it. In the heritage of Jay Dee, this album reflects the sounds of the dirty D all the way.

POSTED 01|07|2006

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