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Cadence State Lines Domination • 2004

On this effort right here, Cadence invited some of the finest underground MC's such as Esoteric, Yesh, Eddie Meeks, Mike Ladd and names from the past that must ring a bell with hip-hop addicts; former Hollywood Basic recording artists Zimbabwe Legit. The cherry on top of the cream-of-the-crop guest list is the feature of Mike G of Native Tongue's Jungle Brothers.

POSTED 06|02|2005
Cadence Creative Commerce Domination/Pro Se • 2006

Creativity is 'a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts', the dictionary says. Take the concept of 'Word Got Round' for example, where Cadence, Dumi Right and micthefinite each shed their view on a party that they all attended, but which turns into a lot of misconceptions ('Rumors have legs that can’t be amputated').

POSTED 06|25|2006
Cage Hell's Winter Def Jux • 2005

Ever since his debut appearance on Pete Nice & Daddy Rich's song 'Rich Bring 'Em Back', Cage has been searchin for an identity. On the way, Chris Palko worked with numerous producers, dropped a few classic 12"s (Agent Orange!), hooked up with several artists, and made some collaboration albums. When he eventually signed with Def Jux, the missing piece of the puzzle seemed to be filled.

POSTED 09|30|2005
Cali Agents
Cali Agents Head Of The State EP Pockets Linted • 2004

Both MC’s can be considered as some of the tightest rhyme spitters of the moment. Rasco’s powerful, punchline flow and Planet Asia’s excellent rhyme technique are already legendary.

POSTED 05|03|2004
Can-U A Stepping Stone N/A • 2005

Eight producers for eleven songs, this means a wide variety of sounds. You’ll find jazz inspired tracks, up-tempo ('Run Can-U Run'), down-tempo songs as well as neck-snappers.

POSTED 07|27|2005
cap D
cap D Return Of The Renegade All Natural Inc. • 2007

Chicago. The Windy City, Chi-Town, the 'Second City', the 'City of the Big Shoulders', there’s plenty of descriptive names for this cultural capital of the Midwest, just like there is plenty of musical genres, sounds and styles. Hip-hop lives there in many forms, translated by different kind of interpretators, whether they rhyme real fast, they used to love h.e.r. or they’re a college dropout.

POSTED 05|06|2007
Capital Tax
Capital Tax The Swoll Package MCA • 1993

No gangsta ish on this one, but plain street rap. The beats, produced by Smooth G, are (indeed) smooth bass lines, funky drum lines with lots of saxes in the background.

POSTED 08|01|2004
Cash Money & Marvelous
Cash Money & Marvelous Where's The Party At? Seeping Bag • 1989

This album is one of the many fantastic hip-hop albums that came outta Philadelphia; drop the needle on this one and the temperature will make ya girls go strippin…

POSTED 09|24|2004
Cavanaugh Time & Materials Mello Music Group • 2015

The Project Blowed affiliates excel in dark, bittersweet sound bits. They both rally each other for most wittiest lyricist. And they schizophrenically gross in profound persona's.

POSTED 12|21|2015
Celph Titled & Buckwild
Celph Titled & Buckwild Nineteen Ninety Now No Sleep Recordings • 2010

Celph Titled loves the nineties. 'In my opinion the greatest era in hip-hop’, the land mine lieutenant confesses. Oh no, another rapper with acute nostalgia? Yes, this is dedicated to the nineties. No, this is not a recycled nineties production, nor does it advocate MC Hammer or MC Young.

POSTED 10|23|2010
Cesar Comanche
Cesar Comanche Squirrel And The Aces ABB • 2005

Cesar's rappin style is not spectacular, but his raspy voice and go-easy flows about life ('Up&Down'), love ('Miss You RMX'), bitches ('Big Game Hunters') and music ('Rockin It') are butter to the ear. 'Squirrel And The Aces' sounds more solid and consistent than his previous releases, and that's not only due to an extended guest list because a Squirrel can outstand his Aces too, once in a while.

POSTED 10|19|2005
Chan The Killa Tape: Official Bootlegs 2 Dynasty Muzik • 2005

This mixtape is the perfect introduction for people who are not familiar with one of the strongest Asian-American emcees in the rap field. People who are already introduced, can enjoy Chan's diversity on the mic.

POSTED 10|12|2005

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