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D.Black Ali'Yah MYX Music • 2009

A dedication to moving on in the best way, to grow up, to deal with responisbilities, D.Black’s newest album seemed like a complicated task for a lyricist of that young age (22), but amazingly the Seattle rapper really did an admirable job.

POSTED 10|07|2009
Dabrye Two/Three Ghostly International • 2006

Mullinix shows with this album that Detroit holds it down on every level, from dance music to hip-hop and back. 'Two/Three' is one of this year's freshest surprises.

POSTED 06|25|2006
Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz)
Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz) E & J Dirty Science • 2014

We expected a firm album, hence both artists fortes and the quality of the E&J singles and video's that were already released. But still both West Coast manage to surprise us. Their first full length is a winning combination.

POSTED 02|17|2014
Dagha Object In Motion Last Arc • 2005

Dagha has finally released an album and the waiting turned out to be well-worth it. 'Object In Motion' is a nice mixture of up-tempo boom bap, 'High-tech hip-hop, boom bap’s on the map', less up-tempo boom bap, good vibes and lyrics that tickle one's imagination, tackle social problems and aims at corny rappers while lookin through a sharp sight.

POSTED 10|02|2005
Dangerdoom The Mouse And The Mask Epitaph/Lex • 2005

Don't expect a soundtrack for the series though. The only thing that comes close to a cartoon dedication, besides the skits of the 'Adult Swim' characters, is 'Old School Rules', with Talib Kweli speakin more truth and knowledge then you might've thought at first '

POSTED 09|30|2005
Dannu Virgo Summer Soulspazm • 2011

Shall we compare it to a summer's day? Dannu's brand new debut on Soulspazm Records is a dedication to good times, love and music. It's a collection of summer stories that'll crave your hunger for a trip to the Californian sun.

POSTED 02|18|2011
Danny Brown
Danny Brown Concert Review Botanique Brussels • 28.02.2014

Much as his style, this performance too, was different than most other rapper’s: he interacts poorly with the audience and does no biss songs. Didn’t he enjoy himself? Did he rather go and party with the crowd instead of being on stage -like he said himself?

POSTED 03|02|2014
Danny! Charm 1911 Music/Badenov • 2006

Due to the alternation of up-tempo and lowdown songs and Danny’s humour and inventiveness, the album takes you on a mellow but exciting trip through the free and creative mind of a young artist! Although lookin (or is it actin?) nerdly and carrying a young age, Danny Swain shows experience, talent and...charm.

POSTED 07|03|2006
Dark Sun Riders
Dark Sun Riders Seeds Of Evolution Island • 1996

This album is highly underrated, not a classic but way before it’s time, maybe that’s why cats just weren’t ready for this one in 1996. To the East, blackwards!

POSTED 07|15|2004
Dave Ghetto
Dave Ghetto Love Life? Counterflow • 2005

In a not that distant past, Dave Ghetto was better known as a member of the Nutthouze Crew, who released their debut 12” on Bobbito’s Fondle Em Records, followed by an EP in 2000 on Goodvibe Recordings. Five years later, Big Dave Geez is back in the game with his debut album 'Love Life?', a cohesive gathering of soulful, ease back-relax-songs.

POSTED 03|16|2006
Davu & Eyamme
Davu & Eyamme The Sun Do Move Dove Ink • 2005

'The Sun Do Move' is rich of sounds, enhanced by different kinds of instruments, playing a main role in each song, each displaying a unique, warm and mellow sound. Social consciousness, philosophy or psychology have never sound fresher in a hip-hop concept than on this album.

POSTED 11|28|2005
De La Soul
De La Soul The Grind Date Sanctuary • 2004

15 years in the game and still soundin fresh: nothing has changed but the label.

POSTED 10|20|2004

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