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I.T. Low Income Housing Domination • 2004

Thaione's beats are strongly jazz inspired, very musical and relive different kind of moods. Where other producers fail to freshen up their style and flip different kinds of beats, Thaione uses a wide range of instruments.

POSTED 07|25|2005
III Most Wanted
III Most Wanted Most Wanted Fever • 1989

This LP is hard to find quality material, it has loads of variation and the 46 minutes pass by in no time. Rewind Selecta!

POSTED 10|05|2004
Ill Poetic
Ill Poetic The World Is Ours Dove Ink • 2007

Ill Poetic has made an album that reminds of a lot, mostly of music we played at the end of the nineties when we sheltered from a wave of commercialization within our beloved culture.

POSTED 07|18|2007
Iller Than Theirs
Iller Than Theirs Iller Than Theirs Embedded Music • 2007

Adversity has become their oyster and, as many artists, they have been able to squeeze some heartfelt lyrics and soursweet music out of the bitter. Imagine how dull music would be if everything went right in life…

POSTED 08|19|2007
Illogic Write To Death II : Missing Pieces Dove Ink • 2005

If not consistent, than it's certainly a great concept, because the back cover of each CD represents a piece of a bigger graffiti art work. What's more, 'Write to Death II' will also attract people who never heard of the name Illogic before reading this. And that's good news because this MC is clearly one of the strongest stylistics in rap music today.

POSTED 11|28|2005
Infinito 2017
Infinito 2017 Roddny Dangrr Fild Domination • 2005

The music is jazzy hip-hop that turns into Blues more than once, not really surprising if you know that the album is recorded in Memphis. Infinito describes a lot of social injustice, but at the same time he adds humour, advice and hope.

POSTED 10|15|2005
Infinito 2017
Infinito 2017 The Soul Of Benjamin Banneker Raptivism • 2006

Hollasidewayz because Infinito is definitely not in the building once again! It’s good to see this talented lyricist and one of the hardest working MC’s in the industry have a distribution deal, so the name can be put out properly.

POSTED 03|06|2006
Insight Targeting Zones Bad News (Japan release) • 2004

This LP only confirms: the man got skills. Where 'The Maysun Project' was an album with a deeper political message this album is more chilled, cooled out, focused on everyday life. Humour is never far away, as Insight opens the album with a fantastic imitation of Bahamadia.

POSTED 08|19|2004
Intelligent Hoodlum
Intelligent Hoodlum Intelligent Hoodlum A&M • 1990

This album is a nice combination of conscious and party lyricism over typical Marley beats with a rough edge.

POSTED 05|01|2004
Intense The Bohemian Pimp Project Defend Music • 2005

Aight, I’m not going to break my head on what exactly a Bohemian pimp is or aspires, but one thing's for sure; 'he' makes some good music. As a founder of Philadelphia’s Schoolz Of Thought, Intense has earned a few stripes in the game, but with this solo project, he proves that he can stand his own.

POSTED 01|19|2006
Iomos Marad
Iomos Marad Go Head EP All Natural Inc. • 2006

For a second there, we thought 'I’m On My Own Style' Marad was to never turn back after leavin us somewhat of a classic with his debut album 'Deep Rooted'. Hailed by critics and favoured by the crowd, this album marked the beginning of a promising career. Helas, it remained quiet, very quiet…until now…

POSTED 10|18|2006
Ivan Ives
Ivan Ives Newspeak No Treshold • 2009

Last year Ivan Ives and his lyrical skills were showcased on Myspace and in Rolling Stone magazine and he did well out of it. Stimulated by the internet success, Ivan managed to put together a most anticipating sixth album through his own No Treshold Recordings and works further on his road to success.

POSTED 06|05|2009

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