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K-Dee Ass, Cash Or Gas Lench Mob • 1994

Who’s the biggest pimp of them all? K-Dee babyyyyy! No doubt, this is one of the smoothest pimp albums ever created. 'It don’t stop, till the panty’s drop!'.

POSTED 03|05|2005
K-Def Willie Boo Boo 'The Fool' Ghettoman Beats LLC • 2006

Without K-Def hip-hop would be missing some classics. Imagine your favourite genre without the Lords Of The Underground albums, Real Live's classic LP 'Turnaround: The Long Awaited Drama', Da Youngstaz' slammin hit single 'Mad Props' or Ghostface Killah’s killer track 'It’s Over'. It just wouldn’t be the same.

POSTED 08|26|2006
K9 Posse
K9 Posse K9 Posse Arista • 1989

The production can stand the test of time but the album’s lyricism, that was supposed to sound hardcore, lost its credibility: 'don’t touch my Grammy, pay attention when I’m talking or catch an eye jammie!' Anyway, it’s funny and it leaves this album with a cult status that’s impeccable.

POSTED 12|16|2004
Kankick Acid Massive Musical Grey Label • 2004

Kankick flips jazzy, dark mellow and soulful loops over down-tempo, minimalistic drums with a groovy bass line here and there.

POSTED 11|07|2004
Kaos Court's In Session Bad Boy • 1988

'Don’t try to diss, cuz this is not dissable', is the line that says it all about this album. The record is divided in a Madd Site and a Kaotic Site, but in fact, the whole album is crazy madd.

POSTED 11|10|2004
Kaze The Spirit Of 94: Version 9.0 Soul Dojo • 2004

One busy guy, this Kaze, because he started a few hip-hop organisations, created and presents a TV-show and founded his own label.

POSTED 11|16|2004
Kazi The Plague B9000 • 2004

First of all, Kazi is one hell of an emcee with a sharp tongue, spittin fast lyrics. Secondly, Oh No’s production is fantastic ànd much more convincing than on his own 'The Disrupt' album.

POSTED 10|15|2004
Keith Masters
Keith Masters Bioluminescence Backwoodz Studioz • 2006

While waiting for the arrival of his debut album 'Ghost City', Keith Masters brings us the 'Bioluminescence' mixtape. 'Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism as the result of a chemical reaction during which chemical energy is converted to light energy', the dictionary told us, which should immediately give us a hint that Keith Masters is in the first place a solo player, who’s making things happen on his own.

POSTED 05|16|2006
Kero One
Kero One Windmills Of The Soul Plug Label • 2006

We have a bad feeling that plenty of people will sleep on this album, but really, if you like good music you need to check this out, because, with the exception of for example Raw Produce, hip-hop doesn’t sound this jazzy anymore!

POSTED 01|30|2006
Kev Brown
Kev Brown I Do What I Do Up Above • 2005

'I Do What I Do' is a nice debut, with good vibes and excellent to kick back to. It's hip-hop music you have to savour, hip-hop you have to breathe in easily and enjoy. An album that takes you away from the hectic rat race.

POSTED 09|27|2005
Kid Sublime
Kid Sublime Basement Soul Kindred Spirits • 2005

An album with great vibes, the hip-hop beats are not the most original, but excellent to chill out with, relax, drink a cup of Bacardi Rhum and enjoy the early summer. 23-years of age and already doin this! For more of his influences check out the 'Outro'.

POSTED 05|15|2005
King Sun
King Sun Righteous But Ruthless Profile • 1990

If you weren’t already convinced by 'XL', then this LP will draw you over the line: King Sun is one hell of a rapper! After this effort, it remained surprisingly quiet for four years, until he returned with another blazin EP on Cold Chillin Records. His last album appeared two years later and never reached the level of the three afore.

POSTED 09|14|2005

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