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O.C. Smoke And Mirrors Hiero Imperium • 2005

Behind the smoke and mirrors of the rap industry there's realness. Ever since his first appearance with Organized Konfusion, his classic album 'Word…Life' and the excellent follow-up 'Jewelz', Omar Credle has kept it real. Surely, like many other rap fans, we turned a little suspicious with 'Bon Appetit' but O.C.has never backed down.

POSTED 10|18|2005
Oh No
Oh No The Disrupt Stones Throw • 2004

Of course Oh No’s heavily influenced by the whole Oxnard sound, that is determined by Madlib and Kankick, but since the Kaliwild days he’s trying to create his own style.

POSTED 10|16|2004
Okai Dekonstruktion Of The Mind Soundchron • 2006

Although there’s not a magical chemistry like with the Madlib and MF Doom or the Aceyalone and RJD2 collaborations, Okai and Ayatollah have a good thing going on here. Put a hungry MC and an experienced producer together and you’ll always have sparks, and with the help of Planet Asia (on 'Face/Off') and Vinija Mojica ('No Question') you’ll have one album that does good to the ear.

POSTED 03|21|2006
Oktober Zero
Oktober Zero The Art Of Raw Raptivism • 2005

Entirely produced by UK's Quincey Tones, this album is another addition to the growing list of internet or transatlantic collabo’s. Whether it’ll impress you as much as Nicolay’s (and Phonté’s) Foreign Exchange might be in doubt, but Q Tones’ production catches our attention too.

POSTED 12|19|2005
One Be Lo
One Be Lo S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. Fat Beats • 2005

The record grabs you by the troath from the first minute and only loosens after the last note! On heavy rotation at our office this one!

POSTED 03|28|2005
One Dae
One Dae Daes & Times Coalmine Records • 2013

As One Dae states: 'Daes & Times' is 'the prequel to my career.' His debut is finally out, now he can go ahead. You might've forgotten him by next week, but you'll come across his name and music in the future again. Because after all, he knows how to battle.

POSTED 01|09|2014
Open Mike Eagle
Open Mike Eagle Dark Comedy Mello Music Group • 2014

The record showcases the art rapper’s unique style,wayward pen, and key ability to create a world with words.

POSTED 08|22|2014
Opio Triangulation Station Hiero Imperium • 2005

This LP listens very easily due to the fact that the tracks are kinda short, but mostly because the music is fresh like a cool breeze on a summer’s eve.

POSTED 02|14|2005
Original Flavor
Original Flavor This Is How It Is Atlantic • 1991

The rhymes are funny, amusing, laid-back. It's all about having a good time and chasin girls mixed with some braggin writes, but they never take it too serious.

POSTED 07|14|2004
OUO Of Unknown Origin Domination • 2005

Both Pep and Dumi kick easy but thorough lyrics, with fresh punchlines, talkin sense and wisdom, bringing back the era of when MC’s had something to say without losing their sense of humour. 'We do this for the love of it', they immediately admit in the opening song 'For The Love Revisited'

POSTED 07|27|2005
Outerlimitz Suicide Prevention Galapagos4 • 2005

Qwazaar, known as a member of Typical Cats, rapper H.E. and producer Silence have managed to create a whole different, intergalactic and apocalyptic sound that carries verbally drawn abstract pictures of topics rangin from ghetto life, love and consciousness. You can't just listen to this music in your car, or play it on a garden party, one has to sit down and let the music take over.

POSTED 09|29|2005

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