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Panacea Ink Is My Drink GITD/Rawkus • 2006

People who’re still searchin for hip-hop that sounds like some good ol mid-school jazzy smoothness have clearly missed out on some albums this year, not to mention Panacea’s latest. This album truly celebrates the promising route that Rawkus is about to follow again, so watch out Puff, the underground is takin over.

POSTED 11|09|2006
Parallel Thought
Parallel Thought Drugs, Liquor, Sex & Cigarettes Day By Day • 2005

Recently proclaimed by Jean Grae as 'the future of hip-hop', these 3 (very) young cats have quite some expectations to live up to with their newborn EP. Let their 'short-profile' be known: Parallel Thought is a New Jers' production trio consisting of Drum, Knowledge and DJ Apendix Hed.

POSTED 11|26|2005
People Under The Stairs
People Under The Stairs Stepfather Basement/Tres • 2006

A celebration of hip-hop and clearly PUTS’ best album till date, that’s what 'Stepfather' really is. People who listened to hip-hop when Souls Of Mischief and The Pharcyde dropped their first album, will know how today’s audience will feel about this album in ten years time.

POSTED 03|06|2006
People Under The Stairs
People Under The Stairs Fun DMC Gold Dust Media • 2008

'Fun DMC' is the culmination of the duo's ten years' recording, the perfect party one can have when they celebrate a decade in hip-hop, going back to the very essence of it. 'Let go of the violence' and dance to the 'Riddum' of fun, because PUTS’ latest reminds us all of what making hip-hop music is actually all about.

POSTED 10|22|2008
Pep Love
Pep Love Rigmarole Hiero Imperium • 2012

Hiero hero and personified lava of lyrics, Pep Love is one of those few rappers who have a specific voice and a distinct flow. And he knows it. In 'Rooftops And Rain' the Oakland MC admits: 'I guess I like the sound of my own voice, but of course, what do you think I make these songs for?'

POSTED 04|06|2012
Pete Philly & Perquisite
Pete Philly & Perquisite mind.state Unexpected • 2005

Their music is inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, productionwise, but also MC-wise as Pete Philly reminds a few times of Phife Dawg’s cool, descriptive and sharp way of rappin, combined with the perspectiveness and humour of British rapper Ty.

POSTED 09|14|2005
Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Pete Rock & CL Smooth The Main Ingredient Elektra • 1994

CL drops the smoothest lines and raps with style, dignity and some sharp punch lines here and there.

POSTED 12|22|2004
Pharoahe Monch
Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) Duck Down Records • 2011

It took a few years and an underpromoted album, but Pharoahe Monch is back ‘on the block like Lego’.

POSTED 03|27|2011
Phil The Agony
Phil The Agony Aromatic: The Album Vocab/Goodvibe • 2004

Phil the Agony continues in the style of Alkaholiks’ 'XO Experience' and Defari’s latest album: feel-good party beats with an old school lyrical content.

POSTED 11|06|2004
Pizdamen Red Stars Pizdamen Music / UCP • 2006

Although all three rappers of the crew feature on the same song only a few times, they are a well-oiled rap group (it’ll rather be beer than oil though), spittin lyrics like they live life; with a passion for the music, girls and the Red Star label.

POSTED 01|31|2006
Planet Asia
Planet Asia The Sickness Part One Copter • 2005

If 'The Medi-Cali Trilogy' continues on the same level as it started, then Planet Asia will probably do something that no rapper has done before, especially in such a short period of time. Glad to see Cali Agent number 2 surrounded with such quality producers, who perfectly support the evolution of his rap game and his renewed sound.

POSTED 01|11|2006
Poison Clan
Poison Clan 2 Low Life Muthafuckas Luke Records • 1990

Miami Bass is sometimes linked with cheap ass production but albums like these prove different!

POSTED 02|07|2005

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